Top 10 Best Multifunction Sander 2020

Difficult to make a choice for your new Multifunction Sander? We wrote this Special Multifunction Sander buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Multi-Purpose Sander!

Our selection of multifunction sander

Multifunction sander buying guide

The multi-function sander is a suitable choice for all DIY enthusiasts who need to sand and strip different types of surfaces every day. In fact, it makes this work in particular easy and without major difficulties. However, you have to know how to choose the right tool to benefit from these advantages. So that you can invest in the best multi-function sander for your job, take a look at our detailed comparison. You will find all the selection criteria to consider when choosing your multifunction sander.

The different types of sander

Start by understanding all the sander models that exist on the market. Orbital sander, orbital sander and multi-function sander are part of the range of portable electric sanders.

The multifunction sander usually combines the functions of the other two models, hence its name. That is to say, it adapts to all types of work, whether it is stripping or sanding on flat or rounded surfaces.

The multi-function sander then combines the functions of the orbital sander which is used for rounded and flat surfaces, and the eccentric sander which is dedicated for corner finishes. It is this combination of features that makes the multifunction sander perform well.

Best multi-function sander: other distinguishing features

A multi-function sander is a tool with a disc or puppet, which can be rectangular or triangular. On this disc or puppet is then attached an abrasive paper to sand or strip the surfaces. The triangular sole is ideal for sanding corners, the rectangular sole is more suitable for large flat surfaces. And finally, the round sole is perfect for rounded and flat surfaces.

On a multi-function sander, you have a special bin to collect the dust resulting from your sanding and stripping action. This avoids you having to systematically clean your work environment after use. Most importantly, it prevents you from inhaling this debris and putting your health at risk. Sometimes this dust collection is done directly by a vacuum cleaner. Indeed, there are models that allow the installation of a nozzle to connect the sander with the vacuum cleaner. Which is a huge time saver according to the opinions of users who have already tested the model.

On some models of multifunction sander, you can also find a sleeve as on the paint rollers. Depending on the type of work you plan to do, you can attach an abrasive roller or a flap roller to it.

Among the other features of the best multi-function sander is the on / off button. This button not only allows you to operate your device, but also allows you to adjust its power. Generally, it is installed on the tool handle for better handling and comfort of use.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a multi-function sander?

A multifunction sander has many advantages. The first that immediately catches the eye is certainly its versatility. According to the tests carried out, you will handle your multifunction sander with great ease and comfort. Plus, you no longer have to hand sand the most inaccessible parts like corners of a surface.

For average use, the multi-function sander is ideal. On the other hand, for large flat surfaces, it is better to choose an orbital sander. The latter is much more efficient.

As a drawback, we can note the high price of the multifunction sander, especially at the level of the sleeve, which must necessarily conform to the brand of the tool. However, the quality will always be there. Which will ultimately be a good investment for you.

What are the other criteria for selecting a multi-function sander?

Besides the price, you also have other criteria to insert in your comparison to choose the best multi-function sander. You have in particular the type of paper fixation (velcro or hook), the suction, the speed, the weight of the device, the noise and the ergonomics.

Speed ??is an essential criterion. It allows you to work on any surface with ease and performance. When paired with the right sandpaper grit pattern, you'll have no trouble doing jobs big and small. Speed ??matters, for example, if you want to sand varnish or a painted surface. This kind of work does not require high speed. On the contrary, if this were the case, the surface could soften and clog the paper. This will reduce the efficiency of the multi-function sander.

Regarding noise, know that the comfort threshold is 85 dB. Also, remember to always check this level of sound when choosing your multi-function sander. If you ever come across a model that offers a higher standard, consider wearing suitable hearing protection. It's even recommended with other safety gear when it comes to using a sander.

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