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Are you planning to buy a new banknote counter, but you can't decide what to do with it? So browse our buying guide and the Banknote Counter comparison. In particular, you will discover our expert's advice, not to mention his selection of the best machines to verify tickets.

That you are a bank in France (or elsewhere), a commercial retailer or a bureau de change and you are faced daily with banknotes, you need an automatic banknote counter to make your job easier. Ideally with a counterfeit money detection system, automatic start-up, a large touch screen… In short, the following lines will confirm your choice!

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Banknote counters: the selection of our expert!

Our guide to buying cash tickets

Whatever your status, as long as you have to deal with a multitude of bills and coins, you needa device to optimize your daily counting. Machines that would at the same time act as counterfeit detectors, that would be the ultimate. For this purpose, our comparison suggests the use of a banknote counter. Yes, since it is about counting valuable banknotes, you need an efficient device that does not fool you and that don't let suspicious tickets go unnoticed. With that in mind, we've written this article to help you choose the best banknote counter from the models available on the market. Our information has been gathered through a good study and reliable testing so that you can have the right information for you.

What is a banknote counter used for?

As its name suggests, a banknote counter allows you to count a whole series of banknotes in record time. Whether you are a merchant, a bank employee, or a bureau de change, you need a device to carefully count banknotes. Indeed, it is not always very reliable to rely on hand counting, as it requires maximum concentration. The smallest error can lead to an incorrect total and to restarting the counting operation.

A banknote counter falls into two categories. There are classic banknote counters which have the simple role of count the bundles without recognizing their value. There are also the banknote counters called rewarding who manage not only to count the bundles, but also to know their exact value. Thus, it is possible to put mixed banknotes in this counter and obtain the exact sum. Details of each ticket denomination are also displayed.

TICKET COUNTER Quadruple counterfeit detection IR / MG / MT / UV 2D
  • Quadruple version IR / MG / MT / UV 2D technology counterfeit detection
  • Counting speed 1000 banknotes / minute - Automatic start and stop Accumulation and batching functions (Quantity freely programmable)
  • Rotating LCD screen External display
  • CE standards

In this perspective of valuation, the banknote counter can be equipped with a counterfeit banknote detection system in order to recognize counterfeits and used banknotes. The latter are then excluded without interrupting the counting. You don't have to start counting again. Counterfeit banknotes are just highlighted so that you can extract them and check for yourself the core of the problem.

The operation and use of a banknote counter?

In general, getting started with this type of electronic payment equipment is quite simple. It is started by pressing a button or switch often located behind the machine. You then place the bill denominations to be counted on the hopper (the location provided for the counting). Here you will have to pay attention that the tickets are well placed in the center. The counting will then be done automatically and very precisely.

When the banknotes are counted, they will be collected in a receiving tray which is usually located on the bottom of the device. Once all the cuts are processed, the device will automatically shut down. You should know that you will need align the banknotes in a bundle to obtain an efficient count. In this case, their sliding inside the machine will be optimized.

Note that most models available on the market will have an LED screen or an LCD screen or even touch screen to allow you to know the counting process. Various information such as the number of banknotes, the sum and possibly the number of counterfeit banknotes in case the device has a counterfeit detector.

Also, the counting process looks a certain way. So when you place a bundle on the hopper, the feed roller will engage. Concretely, this process will be activated thanks to the banknote which is at the very bottom. As it turns, a first roller (the feed roller) will take a bill to a second roller which spins faster. In order for the banknotes to pass through the mechanism one by one, the counter has low friction edges on each side of the second roll. The banknotes will then be separated by sorting rollers, then pass in front of an optical sensor intended for counting.

The advantages of a

Of course, electronic money is taking more and more place in our daily transactions. However, the use of paper money has not been neglected, since it is found in many transactions. Also, the first advantage of the banknote counter is that you can save time and energy. No need to count every wad of cash by hand. The machine can count much faster than you.

Safescan 155-S Black - Automatic counterfeit detector for 100% verification of banknotes
  • 7-point counterfeit detection
  • For EUR, GBP, CHF, PLN and HUF banknotes
  • Counterfeit banknote detection at 100% (
  • EUR banknotes can be presented in any direction
  • Suitable for both the detection of existing banknotes and new series of banknotes

Moreover, the
value-added banknote counter accepts different
banknotes types as well as different values ??at the same time
. You do not have
so no need to sort the tickets to be able to count them and get the
total amount.

In addition, this
machine may have other functions such as detection of Cut tickets, of counterfeit magnetic ink with double head,
of metal wires and infrared channels. Some models
can also recognize numbers

Finally, as a versatile model, the banknote counter can count different currencies, in addition to euro banknotes. It first recognizes the currency, then counts and then displays the total amount. The euro, dollar, Canadian dollar and some other currencies can then easily pass under the actions of a reliable banknote counter.

The parameters for choosing a
banknote counter

If this is the essential information for a banknote counter, we now invite you to choose your automatic detection machine according to the best criteria. For this you need to take your needs into account. If you only need to count banknotes without recognition of value, a classic machine can do the trick.

TICKET COUNTER Quadruple detection of counterfeit UV / MG / MT / IR 2D technology - 2 years warranty
  • ? French brand, Monepass guarantees its equipment for 2 years. Company established in Vaucluse for 20 years, Monepass guarantees you a fast and competent after-sales service. A technical question, a problem! Contact our free Hotline directly.
  • ? Extensive detection of counterfeit banknotes via QUADRUPLE analysis UV, MG, MT IR 2D technology - Counting speed of 1000 banknotes / minute
  • ? Start and stop programmable automatically or manually Batch and Cumulative functions
  • ✅ Possibilité de constituer des lots de billets - Quantité programmable librement.
  • ✅✅✅ ATTENTION ✅✅✅ : Ce modèle est une Compteuse de billets et non pas une Valorisatrice de billets. A ce titre, il ne calcul pas le montant en euro de votre liasse, mais indique uniquement le nombre de billets composant votre liasse. Si votre besoin est de connaitre le montant en euro de votre liasse elle même composée de toute valeur de billets mélangées, veuillez choisir la version "VALORISATRICE EURO" (référence Amazon : B081Q8TYGR).


In case you have need valuation of tickets in order to save more time and have more precision in your counting, opt for a valuing banknote counter. Ideally, consider choosing a model that adopts the additional features of this machine, including the various recognition systems: metal wire, magnetic ink, and infrared channels.

The banknote counting speed

You should know that the banknote counter models that you will find on the market all have their own counting speed. In the majority of cases, the average speed is 1200 banknotes per minute. Some models work slower in an order of 800 to 1000 banknotes per minute. You can still find more powerful models that can reach a speed of 1900 banknotes per minute. Entry-level counters work 600 tickets per minute. Your choice can therefore be based on the number of tickets you will process daily.

The counterfeit detection option

These days, the use of counterfeits is rife in every sense of the word. So, to avoid cashing in, and of course, circulating it, your best bet is to opt for a meter that has this technology. Devices of this kind are equipped with a special sensor that can read hidden information and watermarks present on the tickets. This is how counterfeit banknotes are spotted.
For banks, machines are usually equipped with infrared sensors. However, commercially it is possible to find them with magnetic or ultraviolet sensors. In the first case, the sensor will detect the ink or magnetic wire to determine that it is indeed a genuine note. The second, meanwhile, will detect ultraviolet ink invisible to the naked eye and in natural light present in real banknotes.

The ticket differentiation feature

Some models of banknote counters are able to differentiate banknotes based on their value and format. Others may even perform groupings by batch, ranging from 10 to 100. Generally speaking, you will need to make some settings for these kinds of automatic sorting to take effect. It would therefore be interesting to see these aspects at the time of purchase.

The dimension of the ticket counter

Of course, the models you will find on the market each have their own size. Others can be very discreet, taking up very little space on a counter. Also be aware that there are portable banknote counters easily movable.

The volume tolerated for collection

This is an essential criterion insofar as it must be based on the nature of your activity. For large outlets, banks, casinos, opt for a model professional is a great alternative. This type of high performance device can count a very large daily volume of tickets without error. Whoever will be in charge of the cash register will thus save a significant amount of time when counting. For a small business, however, a simpler model will do just fine.

The document count function

Some sophisticated banknote counters have the advantage of power process other documents such as checks, coupons or tickets. In case you use this kind of documents, you can opt for a versatile template, having this functionality.


For a banknote counter, like any other electronic payment device, sustainability is a point that should not be overlooked. Indeed, depending on the volume you will treat each day, it would be a shame if the device breaks down after a few weeks or a few less use. Thus, a good idea is to favor the models sold by well-known brands. It is also interesting to dwell on the guarantees and after-sales services offered by resellers or manufacturers.

The price

The price is one of the most important criteria in choosing the best banknote counter of the market. A basic model can easily be purchased for less than a hundred euros. On the other hand, for more sophisticated counters, you will have to pay a lot more depending on the brand and the detection technology used.

Either way, make your choice based on your needs and the quality of the machine that you will now be able to recognize from the tested information we have just given you. You will no longer have trouble sorting and counting banknotes which come to hand every day with the purchase of a reliable and efficient banknote counting machine. Don't neglect the handling aspect, either, by opting for an easy-to-use machine.

Maintaining a banknote counter

Dans des conditions normales d’utilisation, la poussière est le principal élément pouvant s’infiltrer et nuire au bon fonctionnement de la machine. Il est donc important de procéder régulièrement à un nettoyage de l’appareil. Si celui-ci est considérablement encrassé, certains modèles peuvent afficher un message d’erreur sur l’écran. Pour nettoyer l’intérieur de la machine, vous pourrez utiliser un pinceau. Pour ce qui est de l’extérieur, un chiffon sec fera l’affaire. Dans le commerce, certaines enseignes qui se spécialisent dans le domaine fournissent des kits de nettoyage spéciaux. Néanmoins, pour vous assurer de la durabilité de votre compteuse de billet, investissez dans une housse de protection contre la poussière.

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