Top 10 Best Monseigneur Pliers 2021

Difficult to make a choice for your new Monseigneur Clamp? We wrote this Pince Monseigneur special buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Monseigneur Pliers!

Our selection of monseigneur pliers

Monsignor clip buying guide

There are different types of pliers on the market. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. So that you can choose and not go wrong when buying, we offer you a comparison of the best Monseigneur pliers with a list of the peculiarities of the different pliers models available on the market. You can buy the terminal however you want (whether you want to tighten, unscrew, cut or peel).

A bolt cutter, also known as the Monseigneur pliers, is nothing more than a large cutting tool. This makes it easy to cut metal rods that are at least 1 cm long. Monseigneur pliers have cutting blades made from hardened steel wire or from different types of steel (padlocks, reinforcing bars).

What is the purpose of a bolt cutter or Monseigneur pliers?

In addition to the cutting bolts, this large folded-arm pliers is a useful cutting tool on the job site as well as in the workshop. The bolt cutter is mainly used for manual cutting of round and solid metal parts with medium sections up to a maximum of 16 mm:
? Grids and other twisted irons to be cut in the building;
? Metal rods;
? Large diameter electric cables;
? The various applications such as padlocks, chains, etc.
A bolt cutter is not suitable for cutting tubing for grinding, and it is not recommended for cutting alloys such as stainless steel or HSS (drilling) tools without safety glasses, as these metals may crack under pressure.

How to determine the length of a Monseigneur pliers?

Although the reduction also occurs in the jaw, the length of the arms of the Monseigneur pliers affects the part of the workpiece to be cut and the force to be generated:
? a diameter of 5 mm is cut with arms approximately 300 mm long;
? 10 mm in diameter with arms 450 to 800 mm in length;
? With bolt cutters with arms over 900mm, every section over 10mm is often noticed.

The jaws of a Monsignor pliers

It is essential to choose a screw lighter with high quality jaws to prevent them from warping under pressure. To do this, we will check whether they have undergone a heat treatment or if they have been soaked. Also pay attention to the hardness of the pelvis. Usually, it is expressed in HRC. The higher the value, the more confident you can be that the pelvis is of good quality.

The different qualities of Monseigneur pliers

The alloy from which the jaws of a bolt cutter are made is the answer to the price difference you can find on the market. A stepper screwdriver can see its pelvis deform under pressure. The best alloys are heat treated and hardened (mainly molybdenum-chromium alloys).
Depending on the model, the jaws can be replaced even with heavy wear and are easily and precisely adjustable. The forged arms offer less flex when cutting and ease of use, such as the use of ergonomic handles.
The hardness of the pelvis is an indication of its good quality and its resistance to deformation at such pressure. The hardness is expressed in kg / mm². The higher this value, the higher the quality of your Monsignor pliers.

How to use a Monseigneur pliers?

It couldn't be easier! Plus, it doesn't cost you much. Here are the steps:
? Opening of the arms of the Monseigneur pliers
? Fixing the pelvis around the metal rod
? Closing of the arms of the Monsignor clamp
? And cut the metal rod!
Thanks to the reduction capacity of the Monseigneur pliers, a metal rod can be cut in record time!

How can I adjust a Monseigneur clamp?

The jaws of a Monseigneur pliers are adjusted using the eccentric screws on the bolt cutter. Some models can have up to 12 levels of settings. Finally, it is possible to change the cutting attachment of the bolts when the blades are worn.

Other tips for optimize your choice

If you want to buy a Monseigneur pliers at the first price, buy a 115mm disc cutter. This way you will be sure to cut at least the bolt or bar that can still resist.
If you are a professional, choose a model from a recognized brand. So you can replace the basin if necessary. You can also cut your parts without seeing your bolt jaws warp. Indeed, major brands generally offer suitable accessories. Which will be of great benefit to you in your use. You won't have to waste time replacing the jaws, or other equipment, of your Monsignor pliers.

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