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Difficult to make a choice for your new Husqvarna Chainsaw? We wrote this Husqvarna Chainsaw Special Buying Guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Husqvarna Chainsaw!

Our selection of husqvarna chainsaw

Husqvarna Chainsaw Buying Guide

Buying Guide to Choosing a Best Husqvarna Chainsaw

Since Husqvarna started designing chainsaws, the brand has made life easier for countless people including gardeners, lumberjacks and even individuals who want to take care of their beds. Husqvarna is known worldwide for its professional and innovative combustion engine products. Whatever the type of your garden, this European leader presents the professional chainsaw, the brush cutter, the tiller, the scarifier, the electric mower and other type of garden tools.
Depuis sa première tronçonneuse élagueuse en 1969, ce groupe suédois ne cesse de proposer des nouvelles tronçonneuses électriques et tronçonneuses thermiques adaptées aux besoins et budgets de monsieur et madame Tout-le-Monde. La marque a su gagner l’admiration des consommateurs venant des quatre coins de la planète avec ses produits de gamme. Parmi les plus prisés, la tronçonneuse husqvarna a gagné le terrain du marché international. Ce matériel de jardin est votre allié inséparable pour abattre ou couper un arbre. De grandes variétés des tronçonneuses husqvarna sont disponibles au marché. À chaque type de son utilisation, guide-chaîne, équipement de protection, fraise à neige, bon nombre de critères doivent être bien scrutés avant de faire votre choix.

How to choose the best husqvarna chainsaw?

It is necessary to master the composition of the husqvarna chainsaw by closely studying the different parts that constitute it.

The chainsaw chain and guide bar

Regardless of its use, logging jobs or simple household use, the chainsaw chain is considered the most important part of the machine. It guarantees the success and speed of the work. The chain is defined as a set of links. It is equipped with the gouge or blade sometimes round or square. The blade has a sharp or sharp edge at the desired angles and a depth limiter. The chainsaw chain ensures efficient cutting and successful pruning or felling.
As for the guide bar, its dimension must correspond to the size of the trees to be pruned. The longer the plant, the larger the guide bar should be and vice versa if the tree is small. However, you should know that a short guide bar is easy to handle since it feels less heavy. And in return, a long guide bar is especially dedicated to cutting large trees. There is no shortage of choice at husqvarna. The brand has a wide variety of guide bars to suit every budget and need.
With the exception of chainsaw parts, there are many factors that must be considered simultaneously to equip yourself with better garden equipment.

The size and weight of the chainsaw

To study the size of a petrol or electric chainsaw, you need to refer to the power of the engine and the cylinder. As for its weight, you can choose from the variety of husqvarna models in the market. For those who want a long and heavy electric chainsaw, they need to use it infrequently. This garden equipment is likely to wear you out in no time. For this purpose, it is recommended not to use it frequently. However, it should be mentioned that this husqvarna chainsaw is often very efficient. It is mainly intended for professional use.
On the other hand, the lighter and somewhat shorter chainsaw is ideal for home use. This garden equipment guarantees you better maneuverability. In addition, it offers you more security during its handling. It is a great help when pruning or cutting firewood edges. If you are using an electric chainsaw for the first time, the device in light version is recommended.

Comfort of use

As mentioned above, the weight and size of the chainsaw determine the comfort of use. But to accentuate this point, it is necessary to take into account its ergonomics during its handling. Be sure to maintain control when handling this pruning chainsaw. A better item can be handled without unbalancing it, this point is really important especially if you are handling it for a long time.
For more comfort, nothing beats an electric or petrol chainsaw which emits less vibrations. Thanks to this, you are very comfortable even if you use this garden equipment for a while. That's not all, this feature also limits the possible risk of accidents for your hand. A professional chainsaw always has an anti-vibration system.

Husqvarna chainsaw maintenance

Whether for a petrol chainsaw or an electric chainsaw, it is essential to take care of it for its longevity. To do this, you have to use countless professional devices such as the pressure washer. This helps you give your husqvarna chainsaw a boost. The pressure washer is the perfect garden tool to thoroughly and effectively clean all parts of the chainsaw such as the air filter and spark plugs. You also need a blower vacuum to dry the unit and a sharpener to point the chainsaw chain.
No matter what garden tools are used, you must make sure that the carburetor, the air filter are easily accessible. When servicing the chainsaw, it is also necessary to tighten the chain. The chain tensioner must be both well maintained for the machine to perform its tasks properly. Lubrication is also essential during chain saw maintenance. You must use lubricants for lubrication. The chainsaw chain should be oiled to ensure better movement around the guide bar.

Different types of husqvarna chainsaws

La marque propose un large choix des tronçonneuses au marché. Pour un usage professionnel, nous vous recommandons des machines plus performantes et une ergonomie accrue. Certains dispositifs sont conçus spécialement pour une utilisation à la fois fréquente et professionnelle. Pour les travaux domestiques, vous avez de la tronçonneuse grand public. Elle semble moins lourde, mais à une faible puissance. La marque vous propose également un outil multifonction. Les tronçonneuses polyvalentes sont robustes, mais moins performantes que des tronçonneuses professionnelles. Pour conclure, la tronçonneuse pour l’entretien des arbres est surtout dédiée pour les arboriculteurs. Comme son nom l’indique, elle est conçue plus particulièrement pour prendre soin des arbres.

The cost of purchasing the husqvarna chainsaw

This last point depends on the types of chainsaw. If you want to get a professional chainsaw, you need to prepare for a substantial budget. In case you just need a chainsaw for home use, the price of the device is cheaper.

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