The advantages and disadvantages of underground motorization

underground gate motorization

The gate operator only has advantages. Already, it makes it easier to come and go on a daily basis because you no longer have to get out of the car every time you pass the entrance. As the opening and closing of the motorized gate is done by means of a remote control, this makes it extremely practical. Here are the main advantages and the few disadvantages to know before getting down to the installation of a swing gate motor.

The advantages of underground motorization

It should be remembered that the gate motorization faac automates the opening and closing of a gate sliding door or a swing gate. More concretely, the underground motorisation is a motorisation system for a swing gate. The concept is appealing in many respects since already from an aesthetic point of view, the underground engine is essential for those who do not want to end up with a too visible structure. Buried in the ground, it is completely invisible and does not take up space as is the case with other types of swing gate operators.

choose sliding gateAs its name suggests, the underground motorization consists of a gate motor which is buried in the ground under each end of the gate. Suitable for all types of swing gate, la motorisation enterrée s’adapte aussi bien à un modèle de portail en PVC, en alu ou en bois. Côté performance, ce genre d’automatisme de portail assure une ouverture et une fermeture rapide de vos battants jusqu’à un angle de plus de 180 °. Que le portail présente un système à piston ou à vérins, il faut savoir que la motorisation enterrée s’adaptera aisément à la structure présente et assure un bon niveau de performance. Robuste et efficace, la motorisation enterrée ne se détériore pas avec le temps et comme elle reste bien enfouie dans le sol, les risques de dysfonctionnements sont réduits. Pour ce qui est du côté pratique, ce type de motorisation est facile à activer puisqu’il suffit de lancer le moniteur de détection ou d’appuyer sur la télécommande pour lancer l’ouverture et la fermeture du portail automatisé. En ce qui concerne l’entretien de la motorisation enterrée, comme les risques de pannes sont réduits avec ce genre d’automatisme de portail battant, un entretien du moteur portail tous les deux ans sera amplement suffisant.

The disadvantages of underground motorization

On the side of the drawbacks of buried automation, there are not many points to mention except perhaps the installation of this type of motorization for a swing gate which remains quite restrictive. As the mechanism must be buried in the ground, this requires masonry work and some knowledge of electricity. In addition to installing the motor, it will in fact be necessary to think about connecting the wiring to the automatic gate system for it to be functional. Note that a voltage supply of 220 volts is generally necessary to ensure the launch of the gate motor. Finally, it should be remembered that buried motorization is much more recommended for new installations rather than for existing gates, in order to minimize the difficulty of installation.

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