Everything there is to know about mutual health insurance

While a worry-free life is everyone's dream, illness is inevitable. You have to see a doctor at least once a year, which is not free. To support the expenses related to your health care, taking out a mutual health insurance is essential. This contract protects you and your family members in the event of illness. Find out everything there is to know on the subject.

Mutual health insurance - what is it?

A mutual health insurance is an insurance contract that covers health expenses not covered by Social Security, whether partially or in full. Subscribing to a mutual health insurance scheme is not compulsory, but essential in order to reduce the costs of your care: consultation of a doctor, dental costs, optical costs, hospital expenses, etc. There are several formulas offered by the different mutual societies to choose from according to your needs. It is also possible to obtain Your mutual health quote before making your choice. Thus, you choose exactly the health guarantee that suits your budget.

The elements to consider before subscribing to a mutual health insurance

Precisely, before choosing your mutual health insurance, several criteria should be considered. It is indeed important to take out cover adapted to your needs and your means. So, start by establishing your priorities in order to choose the guarantees of your mutual health insurance. Then perform an online insurance simulation, also considering the price. The goal is therefore to have the best quality / price ratio with regard to the health contract.

Also find out about the support system, the clauses, or the reimbursement rate. Complementary quality health care must also have additional services, such as assistance from a nurse or a home help during the convalescence of the insured. In short, know how to differentiate what is useful to you from what is superficial to you when it comes to the small details of mutual health insurance. 

What about collective health insurance? 

For employees in the private sector, the law (ANI law of January 1, 2016) requires the company to offer a collective health mutual. This health insurance is compulsory, except in special cases (dismissal, resignation, etc.), but in no way prevents the employee from contracting individual health coverage if the collective health insurance does not meet its requirements. You should know that the collective health insurance is paid for at 50 % by the employer, and the rest is paid by the employee via a contribution. 

The cost of a mutual health insurance

The price of a mutual insurance fund varies greatly from one person to another depending on several factors: place of residence, age, professional situation, etc.

In fact, age is an essential factor in determining the insurance premium for a mutual health insurance. In fact, the older the insured, the higher their contribution. The reason is simple: as a person ages, their health needs increase. 

When to subscribe to a mutual health insurance?

There is no precise moment when subscribing to a mutual health insurance becomes essential. Everyone is free to do so when they see fit. Indeed, health concerns do not spare anyone and can happen at any time of life.