Your next screwdriver will be multifunctional and powerful

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For any good amateur or professional handyman, the act of screwing can become extremely painful when it becomes repetitive and goes as far as generating blisters in the palm of the hand and sometimes tendonitis in the wrist. But why risk injury when there are powerful electric screwdrivers at an affordable price. The choice is also so vast that it becomes complicated to find the right tool adapted to your needs. Here are some selection criteria to help you buy the best screwdriver.

The criterion of multifunctionality

Some screwdriver models are now also used as a drill and sometimes a drill. But be careful not to overestimate the capacity of this second function because it remains accessory to the first function of screwdriver. If you tackle a medium that is too hard, the motor may burn out if it is not powerful enough.

In this category of screwdriver are present the brands MAKITA, TACKELIFE and the essential BLACK DECKER. Another option is also the screwdriver acting as a hammer like the TACKLIFE and its quick charge.

The number of accessories supplied with the device is also appreciable for working with as many screws as possible.

The best way to choose this type of tool is to consult a screwdriver comparator site, which analyzes the different criteria and therefore allows an informed purchase according to its needs.

The importance of power

The power of a screwdriver is measured by both the speed of its head and the voltage of the battery.

The basic models are generally 5 volts while the most efficient reach 18 volts. It is from the latter that the drill function can compete completely with this tool.

The number of speeds is also an important point and you should know that the lower the speed, the more power the tool works. Some models go up to six different gears and all are usually equipped with three gears.

Battery life and charging time are also important criteria. If you use your screwdriver little you will appreciate a charging time of 1 hour and for intensive use the equipment with a double battery is essential.

In terms of prices, you can find everything in this market which has become very much democratized with many little-known brands, most often made in China. Prices therefore fluctuate from less than 50 euros to around 160 euros. For your safety, however, it is strongly recommended that you purchase established brands whose reliability is well established.

Finally, if you have to travel often on construction sites, remember to take into account the total weight of the device and if the screwdriver is supplied with a storage case including the various work heads.

Also check that the security levels are sufficient and correspond to your level of skill and the number of occasions in the year in which you will use this equipment. There is no point in investing in high performance equipment that might stay in your closet or be more useful to your neighbor!

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