What is behind the expression "manager coaching"?

coaching manager

All those who fight against the use of anglicism will still find it abusive to speak of "manager coaching". However, behind these two words lies a whole concept that it is difficult to express other than by these only Anglo-Saxon terms.

Each of us certainly has an idea of ??the meaning of the word coach and that of manager. The first is often used in sports to replace the term coach and the second generally belongs to the business sector and its translation can be that of team leader. In "good" French, we can therefore say that the manager's coach is a team manager's coach. Coaching refers to the notion of learning, but it is however much broader than this first approach.

Learn to reveal yourself

To become a good Team Leader, therefore, a Manager, you must first know yourself well and know how to appreciate your operational qualities and interpersonal flaws. It is also important to know what is expected of a manager and the answer to this question may vary from company to company.

If business schools or universities can teach in a theoretical way what a manager is, only practice and professional life will really make it possible to discover how to become one and especially to remain one or better still know how to lead increasingly important teams in number of persons.

It was then that the manager coaching will take on its full meaning. This learning will help the manager to take stock of his daily practice concerning the way in which he motivates the members of his team. The coach will listen to him and serve as a mirror for him to understand his strengths and weaknesses. The coach therefore acts as a revealer to allow his client, the manager, to analyze his management method in order to improve it according to the objective he has set for himself.

Coaching helps achieve a goal

We must never forget that we call on a coach not out of a need to express suffering at work, or to look for what we are not doing well enough or to analyze a given situation. The job of coach should not be confused with that of psychologist or psychiatrist.

The coach is indeed a person who will help his client achieve his goal. If the manager feels the need to get help, to be coached, then, it is for a specific purpose. If he cannot express it clearly, the coach will help him verbalize it. This will be the subject of the first coaching session: determining what the client is looking for and what goal he wants to achieve.

Once this first step has been taken, the manager coaching professional will listen to advise his client, show him his possible mistakes, guide him to make more use of his strengths, always in order to achieve the initial objective.

The value of manager coaching for people already in place is also the immediate implementation of what was seen in the session with then the feedback used to make further progress in the following session.

Manager coaching is therefore a unique and very enriching personal experience for the client.

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