Vaping: more than 1 million followers in France

At the moment, the followers of the electronic cigarette would be more than 1 million 700 000 in France and at the beginning of the year 2021. The magazine 60 millions of consumers recently returned on the risks related to vaping as well as to the traditional tobacco. Zoom on the main received ideas on the electronic cigarette.

Is vaping more dangerous than tobacco?

The magazine 60 Million Consumers, governed by the National Consumer Institute (INS), recently addressed this issue. Vaping is not riskier than traditional tobacco, on the contrary. Especially since it is possible to opt for e liquid without nicotine in order to eradicate the phenomenon of nicotine dependence and addiction. In addition, many studies come to prove the fact that the electronic cigarette is less risky than the classic cigarette.

Although the long-term risks are still relatively unknown, the short- and medium-term risks are less. Indeed, the electronic cigarette does not smoke insofar as combustion is non-existent. In addition, conventional tobacco burns and the products are very toxic to health.

In addition, theHandles recently provided a comprehensive overview of tobacco and vaping products in France. In particular, she has published a list of ingredients contained in e liquids with nicotine. This allows vapers to have quick and easy access to the makeup of what they are vaping. It is then possible to learn about the ingredients in order to use the electronic cigarette safely.

Does vaping help to quit smoking?

According to the magazine 60 Million Consumers, vaping could indeed make it possible to quit smoking. Vaping is a great ally for smoking cessation and it is less harmful to health. Indeed, thanks to the e liquid, it is possible to opt for an progressive and regressive weaning by gradually reducing the level of nicotine present in the e liquid.

It is true that the electronic cigarette has established itself as the ultimate tool to quit smoking. Many are opting for this alternative which is meeting more and more success in this area. According to specialists, the evidence is less consistent compared to other alternatives. Despite this, vaping is at the top of the ranking of the most used, the most efficient and the most popular smoking cessation tools.

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