The Côtes du Rhône wine market

Not always considered in the past as an exceptional wine, the Côtes du Rhône are increasingly popular, in France and abroad.

All over the world, France is particularly famous for its wine exports. Between Bordeaux and Beaujolais (which have been experiencing difficulties for a while), Côtes du Rhône wines are sold very easily. Statistics have indeed shown a spectacular increase in exports of around 65% over the past five years. The countries most fond of this wine are the United States and Great Britain.

In short, the Côtes du Rhône seems to have found its audience, which now swears only by it.

Not just a simple wine

While everyone likes wine, some people don't like settling for medium quality or a go-anywhere wine. So it's not for nothing that the British rushed to increase their consumption by almost 60%. In London supermarkets renowned for the marketing of these beverages, Côtes du Rhône sales largely dethroned those of Bordeaux. For those in the know, it has long been the UK's favorite wine.

Changes in fashion as well as the controlled policy of increasing prices may explain this success. However, Côtes du Rhône wines are not only adored for their names, but also for their high quality. They especially experienced this impressive boom following this "consumer bible" published annually by Robert Parker. Many people then discover this wine, try it, and then recommend it in their turn. Here is another explanation for this formidable trend of Côtes du Rhône wines.

A legend

In terms of numbers, Côtes du Rhône wines are produced at more than 2,200,000 hectoliters in total per year. The vast majority of this production comes from the southern vineyard. It is very dominated by a Mediterranean climate, that is to say a beautiful alternation of sunny days and seasonal rains. The result is a minimum of 40% of grape varieties from the various vines that bear this prestigious appellation dominated by Grenache.

Whether they are matured in vats or barrels, Côtes du Rhône wines come in many ranges. We will therefore have a wide choice between light reds, fruity ones, or more composed depending on the vineyard. Also, it is very important to know that this appellation of Côtes du Rhône is applied to:

  • 68,000 ha spread over 6 departments
  • 3 administrative regions
  • 250 municipalities

To get an idea of ??what this Côtes du Rhône wine is worth, statistics show that more than 383 million bottles were sold in 1999. In terms of turnover, this is equivalent to some 6.1 billion FF. It therefore has something to explain this ever-growing success, and this enthusiasm of consumers and fans of Côtes du Rhône wines. The future is therefore promising for these wines, which continue to surprise and be loved. It's even a safe bet that they will be number one in sales and exports within a few years.

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