The importance of prescription for construction companies

The building and public / private works sector is very competitive. To succeed in establishing a business among the major players in the market, it is important to develop a large network. It starts with the suppliers, with the partners, but also with the prescribers. Without them, it is difficult to develop your business. Who are they ? What are they for ? How do you manage to surround yourself with the right people? In this article we answer all your questions on the subject.

What is building prescription?

Prescribers are natural persons or legal entities which, by virtue of their notoriety, their social position, their profession, have the possibility of influencing the decisions of other people, companies, communities or organizations. The business challenge of developing a network of prescribers is to obtain contracts more easily. They are the ones who will recommend a company to an individual or a professional for carrying out certain types of work. In the field of construction, it is essential to have influencers at the same time to find customers, suppliers and partners.

Who are the players in building prescriptions?

On a small scale, there are architects, contractors, notaries, real estate agents and even people who have nothing to do with the construction industry like doctors and traders for example. In their own way, they can recommend you to individuals or professionals for small or medium jobs. On a larger scale, With a building consultant, you will know how to assert your position in front of market decision-makers such as developers and local communities for example. These are other actors market professionals or political influencers.

How to boost your prescription?

Today, most companies surround themselves with professionals to more easily enter the market. They appeal to specialized agencies in business intelligence in the building sector for several reasons. First, it is about identifying the prescribers, whether they are architects, contractors, but also design offices. Second, they know the market perfectly as well as the business owners to properly position their customers. They quickly detect calls for tenders and know follow market developments to allow them to evolve more quickly in this economic environment.

How to find prescribers?

To begin with, you can embark on a first personal approach by going to prospect yourself. Often, this means making contact with small economic players and small communities. It is very interesting to join business clubs. Not only do you learn a lot of things to develop your business, but you also work on your network. Then, it is interesting to call on specialists in the development of business strategy who have important links in all social spheres. Finally, prescribers are also found in labor. If your clients are happy with your work, it is only natural that they will recommend you for other projects. It is therefore important to work on your network at these three levels in order to be able to envisage significant results and to maintain it as much as possible.

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