The gate automation market

The gate automation market is growing, and the numbers prove it. The initiation was announced a few years ago and is now a reality.

According to several sources, the global home automation and portal market is worth around 120 or even 230 billion euros. Many federations specializing in Motorization, believe that thegate automation is experiencing continuous growth. Indeed, the ARC Advisory Group as a consulting firm in production solutions, says that the results are to be put to the credit of globalization. in short, this means that the manufacturers ofgate automation are forced to increase their production ofgate automation, to satisfy the greatest number and therefore the demand for automatic barriers.

To cope with the pressure of competition raging in the universe ofgate automation, they must be able to respond flexibly to the demand for automation of all kinds.

A booming area

The largest sectors ofgate automation, are composed:

  • Engines
  • Digital controls
  • Programmable controllers
  • Training

Thus, according to the ARC, international sales of training equipment amounted to some 5.2 billion dollars in 2005, which has increased during the last decade. According to the latest statistics, the threshold of $ 6.9 billion has already been exceeded in the gate automation industry. World leaders in the field ofgate automation are Yaskawa, Mitsubishi Electric and Siemens. In addition, the numerical controls on PC, are those which produce the spots of high precision. Thus, internationally, the market forgate automation is valued at some $ 4.5 billion.

the shutter motorization in the industrial field, is then characterized by a great use of automatons. They are constantly being refined, and very evolving. The aim is to always meet the ever increasing demand for sliding gate motors.

When the numbers speak

In 2005, the ARC predicted growth in theautomatism portal in the order of $ 7.5 billion. Big names in home automation were then competing for the title of world leader in gate automation. The surveys also made it possible to observe a very strong increase in the demand for portal in the production process. The main characteristic sought is the improvement of flexibility and the simplification of tasks. So, above all, users seek to tie together all the different IT processes they employ. Surveys have estimated the global solutions market at some $ 16 billion in 2010.

The numbers have improved a lot since then. The proof in 2005, the Cadence company held 13% of the portal market share. Geographically, it is the United States that captures nearly 50% of this market ofgate automation, closely followed by Europe. The Asia-Pacific region competes for the rest of the territory and for market share of thegate automation. According to specialists and experts, these figures relating to thegate automation will not stop increasing in the years to come.

Today home automation andautomating systems are occupying more and more space in everyday life. The different systemsgate automation have linked together, to be more efficient. This inevitably leads to high consumer demand, which affects production. The market is therefore driven to growth, and the figures can demonstrate it. Thanks to modern techniques andElectromechanical, there will be an even greater economic boom in thegate automation.


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