The advantages of outdoor cinema

Watching a good movie in the cinema is one of the best things there is. Savoring popcorn, high-quality sound, and a big screen projection add a lot to the cinematic experience, but have you thought about what it is like to live in an open-air cinema?

Born in the 1920s, but popularized in its Auto cinema version in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s, open-air cinema has been an essential part of popular culture in the West and has been one of the iconic works of cinema. 

The outdoor cinema has more charm than a traditional cinema. Even if you are a seventh art purist, try something new that will rock your nerves and even if you don't go see the latest trending movie, you will remember having the best seat in the cinema while being almost "like at home".

A complete experience

When we talk about an open-air cinema from the interior of our car, our mind flies to typical scenes from the 50s or 60s. Old cars, milkshakes with a huge amount of cream, jukes -boxes with Beach Boys music… 

An open-air cinema lets you experience the unique sensations of watching one of your favorite films under the stars and in good company. You are in the privacy of your car to watch the film. 

You love the outdoors and, depending on the season, you can enjoy the cooler summer nights or enjoy a blanket and hot drinks to keep you warm. 

The whole family can be accommodated as they wish without being limited to one row of seats.

Install an outdoor cinema at home

There aren't many outdoor cinemas these days, but it's very easy to set one up at home. All you need is a field, a parking lot, a stadium or a field. Giant LED screen rental companies exist to provide you with the right equipment and create your outdoor cinema. Specialized technicians will set up the necessary equipment and uninstall it after the screening. They'll also bring you the power, a selection of hundreds of films to choose from, and help you manage this achievement.  

Relax in the heart of nature under the stars

Appreciation of the seventh art has very positive effects on physical health.

The most obvious and closely related benefit to entertainment is that watching movies relaxes and reduces anxiety and stress. When we watch a movie, we forget the rest of the world for a while and only focus on what's happening on the screen. Unlike reading, which is a more active process, cinema is a passive activity: it is much easier to relax, to disconnect, to give yourself a mental rest. And stress reduction, of course, has multiple positive effects on both mental and physical health.

Watching films helps viewers increase what is often called "general knowledge" in two different and complementary ways. Those that take place in distant times or places help to understand historical episodes and how people have lived or still live in civilizations very different from ours.

Should we only enjoy the outdoor cinema in summer and when the sky is clear? No. Once again, the magic of cinema makes our dreams come true and adapts to weather conditions. You can enjoy the movie from your car and the screen will not be damaged. 

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