Wine production: France loses its place against Italy

French wines are no longer number one in the world, because Italy has stolen the show from them. What response is France preparing?

According to the latest statistics, the world wine production recorded a growth of 2% in 2015. Italy takes first place away from France and even ranks first producer ahead of Spain, according to an announcement from the International Wine Organization. Indeed, the organization goes further by affirming that the world production of this year, is rather satisfactory. Although some countries have yet to report their figures, the range is between 270.7 and 280.7 Mhl.

How is the international wine market doing? What is his future ? We already had the opportunity to talk about the year 2015 but beyond…?

We lose our place, or we progress

When it comes to wine production, it must be recognized that there is strong competition between the different countries. Rankings are never static, and many producers regularly lose their place in favor of others. This is particularly the case with France long regarded as a leader in the field, which has yet been stolen from the limelight by Italy. It posted 48.9 Mhl, an increase of 10%, against 47.4 million for France and the 36.6 million posted by Spain.

Slightly behind, the United States were content with a fourth place with 22.1 Mhl, while Argentina recorded a drop of 12% to just 13.3 million. While some lose and trade places, Chile is doing strong this year with an impressive record of 12.8 Mhl, an increase of 23%. Things are moving just as quickly in the southern hemisphere, where Australia and South Africa are managing to stabilize their figures. These are respectively 12 and 11.3 Mhl, against a decrease of 27% for New Zealand.

Life in pink

According to specialists, these various figures do indeed prove that the market is balanced. In fact, forecasts are looking good in Europe, for a good number of countries. Here's a quick look at the numbers:

  • Portugal ( 8%)
  • Romania ( 9%)
  • Hungary ( 12%)
  • Austria ( 18%)
  • Germany (-4%)
  • Greece (-9%)

In view of all these figures, production is sufficient to cover consumption needs, as well as those related to industrial employment. These include the manufacture of certain products such as vinegar, brandy and many others. In short, he can be reassured, because the wine will still flow for a long time. Even though the rankings are on the move all the time and some countries are losing their first place, the numbers are quite promising.

In conclusion, it should be remembered that the world wine economy is doing quite well. The figures are very suggestive of its condition, which suggests good growth in the years to come. All these data clearly illustrate an international wine market on the move, and bearing many hopes. Indeed, the volume of exports is increasing, which creates a great stability in terms of consumption. Although France lost their first place to Italy, overall everything is going well.

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