Raising chickens at home… what is it for?

Poultry farming is an activity that only takes into account poultry, mostly hens, whether they are laying or ornamental. Beyond its leisure dimension which animates and gives life to the family garden, raising chickens can be profitable, in particular with the sale of eggs and meat. Why install the chicken coop at home?

Some advantages of keeping chickens in the garden

The benefits of raising chickens in your garden are manifold.In addition to the production of fresh, natural and free eggs, the number of which can vary between 150 and 300 per year depending on the breed and the living conditions of the casseroles, the hens animate the garden and occupy the children who will have fun pampering them, to feed them and to collect the eggs produced which can sometimes give to playful and entertaining treasure hunts!In addition, they are ecological animals, thrifty and omnivorous.Hens feed on peelings of fruits and vegetables, pasta, salads, cheeses, but also good herbs and leftover meals, not to mention the insects they are particularly fond of.

In short, they peck a little in everything that humans eat while allowing themselves a few extras, which allows them to produce around 150 kg of organic waste annually, again which is not without interest! The droppings they produce are an excellent source of fertilizer for plants. Imagine they can turn into planters from time to time: hens can help you weed the garden by getting rid of lawn moss and weeds. They devour all small plant pests such as slugs and snails.

In addition, their mission of cleaning under fruit trees allows you to get rid of certain sources harmful to the health of hens but also of the occupants of the house. Then, all of their droppings, once dried and mixed with soil from the garden, vegetable patch or orchard, represent a real supply of nitrogen, a material essential for photosynthesis in plants. Exit therefore particularly expensive phytosanitary products. The chickens will play the game!

How can you better benefit from the scratching action of hens?

While hens can be good for the quality and upkeep of your garden by scraping the soil, as we just explained, they still need a specific space for action. In fact, if the hens have a large enough space to live, their field of action will obviously be limited, especially if your farm has a small number of people. Conversely, if their living space is very limited, then their habit of constantly scratching the ground will quickly turn the lawn into bare and muddy ground.

However, we advise you to reduce the field of action for a limited time: hens don't like being cramped. On the other hand, to better protect your casseroles against the attacks of their predators, whether in the countryside or in the city, you should consider having a secure enclosure with a wire mesh or a net, especially at night.