Reviews on Novarank, Nova SEO's position tracking tool

The seo, or optimization for search engines, includes all the methods of seeking to raise a website to the top of the results when an Internet user enters keywords specific to a search engine. Reaching the top spot for a given query should be the primary goal of all merchants, service providers or businesses as this helps to attract more traffic to their site, and therefore encourages potential customers or prospects to purchase their products. or use their services.

Indeed, in the case of Google, the world leader in search engines, the first result posted by the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) captures 34.2% of clicks, while the second result already attracts only 17.1% and this figure drops to 11.4% for the third result (see source). Hence the importance of appearing at the top of the first page.

To do this, it is necessary to provide optimized content strategy for SEO to position the different pages of a website on predefined keywords and related to your business. It is essential to check your positioning on a regular basis in order to understand the origin of a position loss and react to it quickly. As such, Cometik Nova SEO offers an innovative and exclusive solution: the tool Novarank.

Novarank, an essential tool for positioning monitoring

Novarank is an internal tool used by SEOs Nova SEO in order to follow the positioning of the sites of their customers and their competitors on various strategic keywords. It offers a detailed audit positions and allowsanalyze keywords chosen using comprehensive statistics.

If you want to target a market or a given audience, Novarank offers the possibility of making a geolocated search by specifying a specific city in order to simulate a user's request according to their location. Thus, SEOs can easily check the evolution of the position of a plumber in Lille, for example.

Once they have studied the positioning on the desired search engines, these experts can use Novarank to find new keywords and thus optimize the site's visibility on the long tail (the long tail designates specific keywords and more or less long expressions that are little sought after by Internet users but which, taken end to end, constitute a significant percentage of traffic from search engines). Even better, their tool suggests useful keywords and yet not used by the competition, on which it will be very easy to position yourself.

Positioning tracking on multiple platforms

Novarank operates on various search engines - Google in the lead - and allows you to select the country according to the browser (,,,…). The developers of this comprehensive SEO tool have thought of everything because it also works extensively on various platforms such as TripAdvisor, YouTube, The Yellow Pages and Amazon.

In addition, Novarank can detect sites that advertise on Adwords and also retrieves all positions: natural results with the first 100 results for each keyword, as well as the P0 (either the zero position, the one that allows you to appear at the top of the Google results page or under AdWords ads if applicable), not to mention the positions on many tools such as Google Maps, news, image or video blocks, Google My Business (GMB), PAA (for People Also Ask) files, etc.

An ergonomic interface

Thanks to its particularly intuitive interface, Novarank offers SEOs a quick overview of the slightest change in position. The positioning tool indicates, for each keyword, the evolution of the ranking over a given period in the form of a simple graph.

For easier consultation of statistics, this practical referencing tool offers themexport data in CSV, PDF or HTML formats. They can also select the desired media type to simulate the results obtained on a PC or mobile device.

Experienced SEOs at the service of SEO performance

In short, Novarank is a benchmark software for positioning tracking. Complete and easy to use, it was developed exclusively for Cometik NovaSEO and allows all its customers to benefit from personalized monitoring in order to increase their online visibility.

Thanks to this innovative tool, you can be sure that their SEO teams have all the necessary assets to monitor and optimize the positioning of websites.

Contact the Nova SEO agency without further delay for any further information on their services, and you too can benefit from their expertise in this area.

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