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Difficult to make a choice for your new electric Lawn Mower? We wrote this Special Electric Lawn Mower Buying Guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Electric Lawn Mower!

Our selection of electric lawn mowers

Electric lawn mower buying guide

For a sublime garden, regular maintenance is essential. Mowing the lawn is one of the essential tasks. By equipping yourself with a high-performance, energy-efficient, low-noise and lightweight lawn mower, this operation will no longer be a chore. You will find in this file the essential points to study to find the best electric mower, your ally to take care of your outdoor space. Ergonomics, maneuverability, cutting width and height or even the capacity of the grass collector? Many criteria are to be considered when setting up your comparison.

Why choose an electric lawn mower?

In general, this type of battery or corded mower is perfect for mowing a lawn on a surface area of ??less than 700 m². Beyond this area, it is recommended to opt for a tractor mower or a petrol lawn mower. The electric model offers many advantages:

  • Less noise emission : this type of mower is actually less noisy than a petrol mower. This kind of feature is not to be taken lightly if you take into account the long hours of mowing to be achieved over a year.
  • Small footprint : smaller, you will easily find a place in your garage when you are not using your mower.
  • Light weight : Moving the machine will be easier and mowing will be more comfortable.
  • Almost zero maintenance : This is a reliable and simple type of mower that does not require a lot of maintenance.
  • A quarter-turn start : An electric mower used properly will not hurt you when you want to start it.
  • A low price for an optimized longevity : This mower generally costs only three times nothing compared to its counterparts. Upon purchase, a manufacturer's warranty longer or shorter is offered to ensure the long life of the device.

However, the range is limited by the length of the line if you prefer corded mowers. You are obliged to connect the machine to an extension cord to mow parts away from the plug. This can be a nuisance if there are trees or flower beds in your garden. Fortunately, there are electric models that run on battery power.

Also, keep in mind that this type of mower is far from super powerful. Indeed, it is only suitable for small to medium surfaces. It will also not be able to overcome dense or tall grass.

The different types of electric mowers

This garden tool comes in three main categories, each type having its specificities.

The corded electric mower

As the name suggests, the mains powered electric mower must be connected to a socket via a cable. It offers many advantages:

  • Easy to use and requires low maintenance
  • Particularly handy and displays a less weight
  • Perfect for obtaining a regular and even mowing

However, you should provide an extension cord to mow large gardens.

The cordless mower

Discover in a few points the reasons for choosing a battery mower.

  • Allows a great freedom of action, because the use of a cable is not required
  • Displays a satisfactory power for uniform mowing
  • Resolutely easy to operate
  • Electric motor quiet (unlike a petrol mower)
  • Energy efficient

On the other hand, it is necessary to check its autonomy to avoid unpleasant surprises if the lawn to be mowed extends over a large area. Choose cordless mowers equipped with a lithium ion battery.

The automatic mower

As its name suggests, the electric robotic lawnmower is perfectly autonomous.

  • Easy to program (just enter the days / hours of operation and the perimeter to be mowed)
  • made for go around obstacles without human intervention
  • Motorization silent and efficient allowing it to operate on a slope
  • Very fine cut, so you do not have to collect cut grass, as it will serve as a nutritious mulch for your lawn

Selection criteria

Choosing the right mower can be tricky. To define the model adapted to your needs, certain parameters must be taken into account.

Cutting height

In general, the cutting height is between 20 mm (for a green) and 60 mm (for a meadow). The electric mower offers a height adjustment system with 3 to 8 positions. However, be aware that the minimum height varies depending on the model. On some electric lawn mowers, the minimum cut is 30 mm. Therefore, remember to check this criterion if you prefer very short lawns. It should be noted that the height of a standard mowing is between 35 and 45 mm. Therefore, a cutting height of 40 mm constitutes a good compromise.

Cutting width

The larger the lawn to be maintained, the greater the cutting width should be.

  • Between 35 and 46 cm for a space displaying an area less than 400 m²
  • Between 46 and 53 cm for a garden with an area included between 400 and 700 m²

The collection box

Electric mowers can be equipped with a grass collector with a capacity ranging from 30 to 60 liters. If the smaller bin is perfect for small areas (less than 400 m²), choose a model with 50 or 60 liter drip tray if your garden is larger. Prefer canvas bins over plastic models, as they are lighter (between 6 and 15 kg) and easy to clean (with a water jet).

The different functions

It is a good idea to study the additional options offered by the electric mower to ensure that you acquire a model that meets your needs.

  • The Leafcollect function makes it easier and faster to collect clippings thanks to a special blade
  • The mulching function allows you to cut the grass very finely which will then be spread over the lawn (side ejection) and used as a natural fertilizer

The power

If you want to get an idea of ??the possible performance of this type of machine, power is a very effective indicator. Thus, different models are offered on the market and can be classified according to their power generally expressed in Watts.

Entry-level electric mowers, for example, have an output of less than 1000 Watts. For such a machine, such a value is not very important. This therefore means that a model with a maximum of 1000 Watts is only suitable for small lawns. But rest assured, a mower of this power can work well on a plot of 300 m² for the best models, but no more.

Mid-range electric lawn mowers, on the other hand, can mow a lawn up to 600 m² due to their power ranging from 1000 to 1500 Watts. On the other hand, if you have a very large garden, it is recommended that you go for the high-end models. The latter are indeed more efficient and can easily reach a much greater power than 1500 Watts. This will allow the machine to have a particularly high cutting capacity. In addition, some models can compete with petrol mowers, so their performance is remarkable.

Safety and ergonomics during use

To choose the best mower on the market, it is advisable to opt for a model with a height adjustable handlebars. This feature will allow you to adapt the mower to your size and body type. This will give you the opportunity to work your lawn more easily and make the task much less tiring. Besides that, the presence of a foldable handlebar is also a plus when storing.

In terms of safety, be sure to opt for an electric mower equipped with a disengageable blade. This feature will allow you to empty the grass collector without having to switch off the device. However, for this type of machine, this option remains quite rare and can have a huge impact on its price. Moreover, the presence of a Emergency stop button is also essential for optimized security. Indeed, with this function, you can immediately stop the machine if a problem occurs.

Battery performance

In case you go for a battery operated electric lawn mower, you will need to focus on its performance. Here, we speak more precisely to his battery life and charging time. The most efficient battery mowers are capable of mowing an area of ??up to 500 m² without interruption.

The different models of electric lawn mowers

On the market, different models of mowers exist. They differ mainly by their mode of use, namely: pushing, self-propelled or self-supporting.

The push mower

A push mower differs from the other two models with respect to its particularity which requires effort from its user. However, it is still a still handy device for mowing your lawn. The lack of a traction system is not a handicap when it comes to how it works. Indeed, it is always able to mow very effectively different types of lawn or grass. Even if you will have to push the machine, the mowing system is efficient while ensuring you a very precise cut depending on the models.

If you want to combine the useful with the pleasant, the use of this type of electric lawn mower is ideal. You will have to make a certain effort, in particular according to your ground, to advance the mowing of your lawn. Thus, you will have a freshly cut lawn with the added bonus of excess calories burned.

Moreover, if you bet on a model of this type, you will be sure to minimize your expenses on maintaining your garden. If your budget is tight enough, choosing a push mower will be ideal.

The self-propelled mower

A self-propelled electric mower is a machine that does not does not need to be pushed to move forward. It therefore has a traction system that greatly facilitates its use. Many electric mowers are therefore equipped with this type of function, as are thermal models of the same kind. Its advantage is above all on the level of practicality and on its comfort of use, because it is able to mow a larger area if we compare it with a push model. The performance of the device is therefore not to be neglected. Finally, you will obviously have to pay a little more to be able to buy this model.

Riding mower

Although the majority of the riding mower models that you will find on the market are powered by a combustion engine, electrical variants (rarer) exist. This kind of lawn mower has an operator's station for the user. In addition, when you use this machine, you will have to sit on it. A ride-on mower is also equipped with a dashboard for controlling and guiding it. In general, the weight of this kind of machine is quite heavy, but in no way constitutes a handicap, as the maneuvers are particularly easy. You will not need any training session to be able to conduct one.

For rider type electric ride-on mower models, the ease of driving is even more optimal. There are several reasons for this. For example, we can talk about the presence of a clear platform and a frontal cutting system. These will allow you to have better visibility. If you have a large estate, you will therefore have no trouble mowing between beds or trees. In some cases, you may even be able to mow under garden furniture. This model of mower is generally equipped with a transmission hydrostatic to allow its movement. To adapt to different types of terrain, a riding mower has a gearbox that can be manual or automatic, depending on the model.

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