Top 10 Best Plunge Circular Saw 2021

Difficult to make a choice for your new Plunge Circular Saw? We wrote this Special Plunging Circular Saw buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Plunge Circular Saw!

Our selection of plunge circular saws

Plunge circular saw buying guide

It is a circular saw with a blade extraction and retraction system, allowing a cleaner, more precise and faster cut.Precision is not necessary for conventional circular saws.They provide effective cuts but not very ingenious.The circular saw is the most suitable tool for more precise work.It is called "immersion" because it is different from a solid saw.The cutting blade is in fact equipped with a retractable extraction system which only comes out when cutting.It is therefore a sophisticated security measure that prevents many incidents.The plunge circular saw has other features that make it an indispensable precision instrument.

What should you consider before buying a circular saw?

In principle, a circular saw is chosen for its ease of use, safety and efficiency. But it will always be necessary to choose the model of container before you can take advantage of all these wonderful features. A number of key elements must then be taken into account.

Machine performance

When buying a circular saw, you must first consider the performance of the machine. This function is very important because it determines the cutting capacity. Usually, 1200 W is sufficient to cut material 3 to 22 mm thick. However, if the material to be cut is much thicker, one should be used with more than 1800 W.

Choose the right blade

Then you should look at the blades, especially their depth to define the depth of the cut. This second criterion complements the performance which determines the performance of the saw. The rule is that the heavier the device, the more powerful the motor.

First you have to consider the diameter of the blade, which also determines the cutting depth mentioned above. Next, look at the number of teeth on the saw blade. In principle, a leaf should have an average of 10 to 64 teeth. It is important to know that the more teeth there are, the more precise and clearer the results will be. Finally, the choice of blade also depends on the work to be done. If you want to cut different materials, we recommend a saw with a saw blade which can be classified as multi-material, i.e. suitable for cutting wood, aluminum, copper or plastic .

Checking all supplied accessories

Finally, when choosing a plunge circular saw, it is important to consider the accessories supplied.These accessories form the basis for the maneuverability and safety of the device.For example, it is necessary to check whether the machine is equipped with a cutting blade and a guide rail in order to facilitate the use of the machine.It would also be desirable for the tool to be equipped with speed control.Then check that all the safety systems that characterize the plunge circular saw, such as the blade brake, blade guard, etc.are in place to prevent damage to the saw.Even though the machine has a tape cutter that can be used to follow the cut with precision, this is still an advantage for an inexperienced craftsman.

Comfort and dimensions of the machine

In addition, you should also choose a compact and lightweight model that is easy to handle and transport. The same goes for the installation procedures.

The advantages of the plunge circular saw

A sophisticated personalization system

Thanks to the circular saw, it is possible to make oblique cuts or grooves. This is possible thanks to the multiple adjustment of the cutting angle. Therefore, only the wheels mounted on the sole must be unlocked to adjust the flow angles (0 to 45 °). The motor block on which the blade is operated is then tilted before the buckling wheels are tightened. For certain cutting angles (22.5 ° or 48 °) in joinery, additional adjustments may be necessary. It should be noted that the slope of the engine block influences the cutting depth, which can be between 2 and 75 mm.

Circular saw and guide rail

Another advantage of the circular saw is the guide rail. It is an assortment system equipped with non-slip pads that allow perfectly straight cuts. There are different sizes ranging from about twenty centimeters to almost 150 cm. The guide rail is very efficient and easy to use. Simply place the saw on the workpiece, inside the saw path, and place it on the guides provided. As soon as you start cutting, all you need to do is move along the fence.

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