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Our selection of barcode hand shower

Barcode hand shower buying guide

Barcodes have gone a long way in facilitating product management in a store. They serve not only to identify products, but also to know the essential information concerning them, such as their price for example. Using barcode readers will save employees the trouble of learning product names and prices by heart. This is particularly practical in the field of mass distribution, such as supermarkets, but also within small businesses such as mini markets, for example.

What is a barcode hand shower and what is it for?

The use of barcode handlers saves a lot of time in the processing of purchases at checkout level.Cashiers will no longer have to manually search for affected products in the database.They will only have to scan the barcode of the item for its price and designation.Barcode scanners are available in several types on the market, in addition to including various features and options.Knowing these details will allow you to compare and test the different models offered on the market so that you can identify the best barcode handheld device that will meet the needs of your business.

Barcode showers are barcode readers shaped like a gun or shower sprinkler. Their ergonomic shape contributes greatly to their practicality, but also offers better comfort of use. Particularly handy, barcode handheld showers will allow your employees to be faster and more productive. In fact, these devices will allow all products to be scanned without a hitch without having to be bothered by the size and shape of the latter. Tests and comparisons have shown that barcode showers are particularly suitable for professional use. Both at cash registers, as well as within departments and warehouses. There are two main models of barcode handlers on the market. Namely: wired barcode handlers, and wireless barcode handlers.

Wired barcode showers

Wired barcode handlers need to be connected to a computer via a USB connection in order to function and to be supplied with power. The advantage of a wired barcode handheld is that it does not need to be recharged regularly. Tests and comparisons have also shown that wired barcode handheld models are particularly suitable for use at cash registers. However, the presence of a wire can interfere with barcode scanning of bulky products such as household appliances or furniture kit.

Wireless barcode showers

Wireless barcode handlers, as the name suggests, do not need to be connected to a computer to be operational. They work either by Bluetooth or by Wifi, depending on the model. Wireless barcode handheld showers offer better performance in terms of practicality and comfort of use. The bluetooth barcode handheld showers, because of their limited scope, are intended for fixed use, in particular within checkouts. They are a better alternative to wired hand showers if your business sells bulky and heavy products. Indeed, you will not have to bring the product closer or have to put it on the counter to scan its barcode. The Wifi barcode showers, are more suitable for use within stocks and departments. Indeed, the Wifi connection offers these models an increased range.

Wireless barcode showers can also be equipped with a memory. This allows them to be programmed and used without having to have a computer close at hand. Indeed, the data concerning the goods and the products are stored in their memory. These models have a small screen to read the scanned product information, and also have a keyboard to program them without having to use a computer. Wireless memory barcode showers are particularly suitable for stock control, as well as for inventorying products within departments.

The uses and applications of a barcode handheld

Barcode scanners have utility in different use cases. Usually, this type of barcode reader is found in industry. But, however, it is used for applications such as digitization, inventory management, monitoring, maintenance, automation of industrial operations, repair of equipment or even sales by connecting it to a cash register.

Indeed, it is common to find barress code readers in the following industrial sectors. There is usually a need to read identification codes for asset management, data collection or inventory tracking.

  • Warehouses - Warehouses need a significant amount of barcode readers, because it is in these facilities that the rapid reading of barcodes and QR codes is needed to manage inventory, streamline the storage process, order processing and much more. A high-speed, omnidirectional barcode scanner is a type of reader ideally suited for this type of use.
  • Defense - The defense sector, especially the arms industry, must use mobile barcode reading terminals to monitor assets and various trials. This is generally the case for the traceability of sophisticated weapon systems.
  • Oil and gas - The oil and gas industry is an industrial field that produces large quantities of oils and gas and therefore must maintain accurate records for tracking exports.
  • Public services - Barcode scanners can be used enormously for public services, in particular municipalities which need to monitor their assets. It can be lighting, benches in public parks, sewage pipes, gas and water pipes, electrical networks and much more.
  • Telecommunication - The telecoms sector includes a large network of assets dispersed over different geographic areas. The usefulness of barcode handlers relates to monitoring the infrastructure in place for telecommunications (telephony and Internet). They are affixed with bar codes for automatic identification by simply reading the code in order to better manage and maintain them. Sometimes, it is important to act quickly for service continuity.
  • The Manufacture - In the manufacturing industry, there are different processes such as tailoring and production as well as maintenance and repair. All of these assets need to be monitored closely and the use of barcodes makes this easier. Thus, a portable terminal such as a barcode handheld makes it easy to identify any part of the process and to order more quickly from a supplier.
  • Retail, education and other industries - It is not only in manufacturing, telecommunications or heavy industry that barcodes are useful. Retail is an area that also requires the use of barcode scanners. These are used to track sales and manage stocks. Education is also another area that needs to use portable barcode readers for data transmission. For example, a barcode handheld device can read the QR code on a student's card and thus track their entry and exit on campus.

The other criteria to take into account when choosing a barcode hand shower

Barcode showers are not only characterized by their wired or wireless format. Other criteria should also be taken into account in their choice. The first element to consider when choosing a barcode handheld is its maximum reading width. It is expressed in millimeters. This must be adapted to the width of the barcodes appearing on your products, otherwise you will have difficulty scanning them, or even make them impossible to read.

The second criterion to take into account is the maximum reading distance of the barcode wand, also expressed in millimeters. The larger it is, the easier the hand shower will be. Indeed, with a barcode wiper with a greater maximum reading distance, your products can be scanned without having to place the device against the surface where the barcode appears, or to proceed to several times for the operation to be successful.

The third criterion for selecting a barcode handheld shower is its reading speed. It is expressed in "? Lines per second?". The more lines the barcode scanner can read in one second, the slower its scanning speed. This will contribute to better performance in terms of practicality and comfort of use. Indeed, with a barcode wand having an increased reading speed, you will just have to pass the device's scanner in front of the product barcode instead of holding it in place for a certain period of time.

The fourth criterion to consider when choosing a barcode handheld shower is the type of sound good reading indicator. This indicator can be visual or audible. Once the barcode has been scanned, the handshower will emit a beep, or emit a small green light thanks to a small LED on the body of the device. It should be noted that the best models on the market combine the two.

The final criterion for choosing a barcode hand shower is the presence of a support. Whether it is a corded model or a cordless model, this option will greatly contribute to the practicality of the handshower. Indeed, the support will not only avoid leaving the handshower lying around or placing it directly on the counter, but also to use it as a fixed barcode scanner as for some models. In the case of a wireless barcode handheld, the holder will also be used to recharge the device by simply placing it on it.

How to use a barcode hand shower?

A barcode scanner is a barcode reader that is most often used in mass distribution or in small stores. This portable barcode decoding device is an indispensable tool in these establishments.

A barcode handheld can also be used in other situations or organizations such as schools, libraries. If you are going to buy such a barress code reader, you may have no idea how to use this laser gun. So, here are some tips that can help you take better advantage of its capabilities.

Read the user manual carefully

Like any other electronic device, a barcode handheld shower comes with a small notebook containing its instructions for use. It details everything you need to know for the first start and use of the different functions. In other words, in order not to make mistakes in your code readings, you must read it to learn the smallest specifics of your barcode scanner. This will allow you to better approach your work without being constrained by any difficulties whatsoever.

Connect the connectors properly

Whether it is to power the barcode handheld, charge its battery or connect it to your device (computer, tablet or smartphone), check that you have everything at your disposal. In the device kit, you normally have everything you need to use your barcode reader on any platform. If any software or application is out of date, feel free to visit the manufacturer's site to see if there is an update to keep your scanner working optimally.

Test compatibility

By Bluetooth, Wifi or USB cable, it is always prudent to check the compatibility of your barcode handshower with your device. On a computer, smartphone or tablet, it is possible that the operating system is the cause of an incompatibility. It is also possible that it is the software or the application supplied with the device.

Correctly configure the barcode wand

Again, refer to the manual for the barcode hand shower. In the user manual, you have the details for configuring your barcode handheld shower for use. Wrong settings can alter the data transfer and completely distort the information.

Establish your needs in advance

A barcode wand that you are going to dedicate to reading barcodes on your items for sale in your store can be used in other situations. You can also use it for tracking your orders with your suppliers, managing inventory in the backroom. This portable barcode scanner gives you many possibilities that will simplify your work.

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