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Difficult to make a choice for your new Garden Hose Reel? We wrote this Special purchasing guide Hose Reel Sprinkler to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Garden Hose Reel!

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Garden hose reel buying guide

Most garden hoses are quite long and take up a lot of space. In addition, they are difficult to store and are often left lying around on the floor. Therefore, it often happens that they are trampled or damaged as they get in our way, especially in the small alleys of the garden or in the courtyard. Not to mention the fact that once they form knots, you have to spend a few minutes untangling them. With this in mind, the use of a hose reel has become very necessary, as it allows the hoses to be stored quickly and safely.

A single hose reel or a wall mounted hose reel?

In general, it is especially for watering gardens that garden hoses are used and therefore a hose reel.However, it can also be used for other tasks such as cleaning the car.Note that there are two main types of hose reel:classic reels and wall reels.Single dispensers are standalone models that can be carried anywhere.On the other hand, the wall reels are fixed to the wall and they are stationary but can be multidirectional.This way, the reel can swing from left to right and can rotate up to 180 °.And normally, this type of garden hose reel is installed next to a faucet so that the water supply is easy when sprinkling.It should be remembered that most hose reels are installed vertically, except for certain models only which can be installed horizontally.

A hand cranked manual hose reel or an automatic hose reel?

Either way, both models are convenient and work similarly.And speaking of operation, it should be noted that a reel can be of the crank type or otherwise of the automatic type.Therefore, if it is a cranked reel, it is wound by hand using a crank around a drum.In other words, it is a wheeled hose reel which normally consists of two casters and a stabilizing bar on the ground.The only downside to this kind of reel is that it takes enough effort to unwind the length of a hose.On the other hand, if it is an automatic hose reel, or a self-winding hose reel, it suffices to activate its spring mechanism and the device automatically reels or coils the garden hose.For this type of reel, its effectiveness depends on:the power of the spring; the unwinding and winding speed which is often less than or equal to 60m / mm; and also how to install the device.Note that there are also motorized reels which are specially designed for pneumatic, hydraulic and electric.

How do I choose a garden hose reel?

The use of a garden hose reel is therefore offered as a solution against tangles or deformations.But to choose the best garden equipment that no longer requires us to bend down or get our hands dirty, you have to do a little comparison of the different models or even a little test.In the first place, it is preferable to have a device with a high quality of workmanship, that is to say good resistance to wear over time and also perfect resistance to frost.Some people prefer space-saving models so that they are not too visible and that they are lighter and easier to transport.Note that the best hose reel comes with a complete kit which is made up of:a quality hose, a hose nozzle, a connecting hose, a wall bracket with screws, plugs and assembly aid, a jet (nozzle or nozzle), a adjustable hose and finally a tap connection.The ideal is to have anchors that are compatible with different types of installation, including:brick, concrete or stone.In addition, a good hose reel allows flexible storage and reliable and safe automatic winding.There are even models that are equipped:integrated hose guide, short 50cm stops and centrifugal brake for uniform traction without n?ud or folds.The presence of an integrated handle can also help the user for comfortable transport.For your information, the capacity of a better hose reel is measured by the length of the hose and also by its diameter.This length can range from 15 to 35 meters while the diameter varies between 13 to 21 mm.To go even further, a good hose reel that winds a hose without twisting and effortlessly has a child lock and a bracket for hanging accessories.And finally, it is advisable to choose a good brand that is recognized as a leader in gardening equipment and that offers guarantees.

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