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Who doesn't dream of visiting the Antilles sooner or later? Who does not feel this proximity allowed by the French language spoken in these havens of beauty that are Martinique and Guadeloupe among the islands of this Archipelago?

This language already brings us closer to this paradisiacal place at the crossroads of several waters, several languages, several cultures rich in colors, sounds and flavors. This archipelago which, although alive with its peaceful rhythm, is full of lush beauty and great refinement. The preferred route to get to these islands is one Caribbean cruise!

Why a cruise to the Antilles?

Because a Caribbean cruise allows the traveling soul to immerse themselves in another level of lived experience, in these sparkling waters, in all their crystalline and renewing depth. As if to accustom the traveling soul before leading it to absorb more calmly then, all the riches that are there: its breathtaking beauty with flowers and fruits in shimmering colors, its foods so refined and so strong at the same time . A cruise in the West Indies is a dive into luxury and simplicity, in peace and in joy.. At the time of stopovers, the soul traveler will recognize the beauty and humility of all its paths, this archipelago which shows its beauty without hiding it but manages not to take too much pride in it. The mystery of the islands also resides in this humility in the face of the splendor and the strength of Creation.

The traveling soul finally relaxes to feed and rest in the midst of this beauty, so rare and yet already so familiar. A cruise in the Antilles offers stopovers that are more pleasant than one another, like pearls discovered at the bottom of the ocean.

Discoveries to do in the Antilles

Admire the Lesser Antilles iguana on theDésirade Island, do your first scuba diving experience in the Cousteau reserve off the Rocher de Malendure in Guadeloupe to admire its magnificent corals, its multicolored fish, swim with its large turtles without forgetting to indulge yourself a little while basking in the sun on the black sand beach of Malendure.There is so much to do in the West Indies such as treat yourself to a treatment in the hot springs of Saint Lucia with therapeutic properties thanks to its richness in minerals, stroll in one of the markets of Fort de France to delight in the smells and of flavors, listening to music in one of the night clubs or dancing in the middle of the street to the rhythm of salsa while listening to the radio such a stroll through the streets of Havana will not be forgotten and will leave an unforgettable memory.

But how can we forget this scene of a Pirate of the Caribbean filming this white sand pier in the middle of the turquoise water? Could it be an image of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines? A cruise to the Antilles is a dream come true.

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