How to make running a lasting commitment?

To practice a sport well, it is necessary to train regularly in order to measure your progress and to feel growing satisfaction. At the start of a sporting activity, motivation is maximum but unfortunately as the difficulties encountered the will can quickly decrease and the temptation can be great to give up everything. Here are some tips for persevering in running and not getting discouraged.

Prepare for your running sessions like a pro

Organization is one of the keys to success in running. In order for this activity to become a full part of your life, you are therefore strongly advised to plan your training sessions. If you played another sport in a club you would probably have to book your lessons. The fact of being on your own to start running should therefore not change this principle.

Plan running times in your diary, ideally in the morning or in the evening, and make sure that nothing can shift these meetings with yourself. To establish a routine that will become automatic, make sure to always run on identical days of the week with at least one rest day.

The day before, choose your outfit, prepare your shoes, an energy bar if necessary and condition yourself mentally for the effort, the pleasure you will feel and the improvement of your physical shape.

Finally, if you are running in the morning, eat an adequate diet with slow sugars for dinner while avoiding alcohol. Think about your journey ahead of time, making sure to change it regularly. If possible, choose pleasant places with various difficulties and with a race time corresponding to your level.

Do not give in to difficulties and do yourself good

To succeed in making running a part of your lifestyle, you have to transform effort into pleasure and don't forget to encourage yourself.

So plan a satisfying reward after your run such as a tasty and balanced breakfast or a nice hot bath in winter. The pleasure also comes from listening to music or a radio program. If you don't like running on your own, meeting up with a friend during their running session can also be a great boost and a source of satisfaction.

To run sustainably, you must also be prepared to encounter difficulties because even if you put all the chances on your side, the day will necessarily arrive when it will be necessary treat a blister on the foot, have cramps or a side stitch and maybe even fall.

These will be so many events that will quickly make you want to stop or that will only serve as a pretext to slow down the pace and space out the sessions. Satisfaction, however, will come from your ability to overcome these difficulties. There are indeed solutions to stop having cramps, take good care of a blister and learn to transcend pain.

This is what running will give you a fighting spirit.

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