Dare the total retro look!

Updated for some time, vintage is now a trend that we embrace, that we dare! And for a successful retro look, there's nothing like opting for a fairly classy style while being hippie chic, but also charming without looking in every way like a pin-up. But how to adopt the total retro look in your daily life? Find great advice in this article!

The vintage bag, the accessory of choice for a retro look

The vintage bag for women is the accessory you need to adopt a truly successful retro look. And besides, it fits everyone. Several models, styles and types exist, as you will find on this page : vintage backpack, vintage shoulder bag ... The main advantage of this type of bag is that it is timeless. It remains fashionable and at the forefront of trends, despite time and style: school bag or fanny pack. Vintage bags are perfect for a boho chic look and can even add flair to a very classic outfit. This is the must-have piece that every woman should have in their wardrobe.

The choice of dress, crucial for a successful retro look

Known to everyone, chic retro swing dresses are particularly trendy, but there is a perfect alternative for a total retro look: loose flowing dresses. Easier to wear on a daily basis, they are either long or shorter with V necklines. Open or not on the thigh, refined or embellished with various patterns, the dresses allow you to achieve your total retro look. In addition, they generally match with various vintage accessories. They will be highlighted every time!

What about colors and patterns?

Colors and patterns are surely the elements that make this style so trendy these days. By daring to adopt the retro look, you can afford almost anything! Play with colors, have fun and add life to your everyday outfits. Dare to use unconventional shades like chick yellow and almond green. Don't forget the patterns either! Flowers and peas are the stars! If you don't see yourself in this kind of style, vintage black and white dresses will do the trick as well. In short, let your imagination speak, this type of look allows many possibilities.

Total retro for a unique look

In vintage, what we love the most is the possibility of having your unique style. The retro total allows you to define yourself without necessarily following the current logic of fashion. Break out of habits and play on brands and styles. Wear vintage accessories here and there to complete your outfits. For example, you can bet on pretty berets, round glasses, mittens or fishnet gloves, among others, to succeed your look.

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