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Difficult to make a choice for your new Cordless Telephone? We wrote this Special Cordless Telephone buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Cordless Phone!

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Just like the mobile phone which has taken an important place in our daily life, the fixed telephone constitutes a practical, ergonomic and functional means of communication. Wireless models are more and more efficient and the offerings offered by suppliers are constantly evolving. With the plethora of landline phones on the market, it's not always easy to navigate. What criteria should be used to define the best cordless telephone that meets your expectations? Design, features or compatibility with Internet boxes, among others, discover in this article the parameters to consider.

History of the cordless telephone

This is a communications device that works (almost) in the same way as a corded telephone, with the only difference that it is not connected to the telephone box via a twisted wire. The cordless phone usually displays a range of up to 300 meters. The first wireless models appeared in the early 1980s. This type of analog telephone complies with the radiotelephony standard in force in France: CT0 (Cordless Telephone Generation 0). On the frequency band side, it transmits on a range of 26.300 to 26.500 MHz.

The year 1999 was marked by the end of the marketing of CT0 models in France. Indeed, with the emergence of DECT phone (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication or enhanced digital cordless phone), suppliers such as France Telecom have preferred to turn to innovative devices. These digital devices broadcast on a frequency range between 1,880 and 1,920 MHz. Towards the end of 2008, a new generation appeared: the DECT Eco cordless telephone. Compatible with boxes, this device benefits from reduced electrical power and intensity of radio exchanges.

Advantages of the cordless telephone

With constantly evolving technology and the emergence of more efficient digital landline telephones, this type of communication device has become indispensable both in the home and in the office. With a sober or ultramodern and particularly reliable design, it offers various applications. In particular, it allows you to make or take calls:

  • While moving from room to room and enjoyinggreat freedom of movement.
  • In areas without a telephone socket such as factories, workshops, etc.

The digital cordless telephone offers three main advantages:

  • It allows you to make calls safely while ensuring flawless confidentiality.
  • It integrates the function " handover "allowing you to calmly continue your conversation with your interlocutor in all rooms of the company. To remedy any coverage problems due to distance or obstacles (thick walls for example), you just need to add transmitting bases additional in your premises.
  • Most cordless phones are GAP compatible (Generic Access Profile). This means that it is possible to connect several handsets of different brands to the same base station while enjoying the basic functions.

How to choose your wireless phone?

To confirm your choice, certain criteria must be taken into account when setting up your comparison.


With the end of RTC (Switched Telephone Network) scheduled for 2023, it is recommended that you turn to a device compatible with Internet box provided by your ISP (Internet service provider). Thus, your communications will pass through the Internet via the VoIP technology (voice over IP). While waiting for this fateful date, you can use your digital telephone either on a traditional telephone line, or by connecting it to your operator's box.

The number of handsets supported by the base

As specified above, devices carrying the mention GAP can accommodate several handsets (up to 6). By using a unique number, you can make or receive calls from any telephone handset connected to the base.

The quality of the microphone and speaker

It is important to clearly hear what the other person is saying and vice versa. To take advantage ofimpeccable audio quality, look to the latest digital phones from trusted brands such asAlcatel, Siemens Gigaset or Panasonic for example.


Check whether or not the cordless phone you are interested in hasan answering machine. It is good to know that the recording capacity varies from model to model. Some devices display storage capacity of up to 30 minutes, see more.

The hands-free function is also an important element to consider. So you can make or receive calls while continuing to go about your business. Prefer the landline wireless phone witha large backlit display allowing caller identification at a glance.


Opt for a cordless phone displaying an autonomy of more than 12 hours in conversation and at least 200 hours standby. Give preference to models of phones equipped with rechargeable batteries and displaying a high charging speed.

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