The basics on inverter air conditioning

Inverter air conditioning is one of the latest innovations in air conditioning technology. It assumes approximately the same functions as a reversible air conditioner, being able to distribute cool air, cold air, and hot air in a home. If it currently occupies more than 80 % of housing in Japan, it is also starting to prove its worth in France. Many people appreciate this type of air conditioner for its energy performance and its operating principle, which offer multiple advantages.

The principle of operation of the inverter air conditioner

Conventional air conditioning systems operate all the time and are unable to create intelligent regulation of energy consumption. It is different from operation of an inverter air conditioning which, when the desired temperature is reached in a room, the air conditioning turns off, but is reset when the temperature is too high. This type of reversible air conditioning is infinitely variable and therefore does not only regulate your energy consumption automatically. And of course, inverter air conditioners can fully perform the heating and cooling functions to create optimal and clean indoor air.

The different models of reversible inverter air conditioning

On the market, there are generally two types of this air conditioning system, including reversible inverter monobloc air conditioning (fixed or mobile), and the split model:monosplit (1 outdoor unit + 1 indoor unit / 1 outdoor unit + 2 or more indoor units).Indoor units can be available in compact or cassette type versions.Their installation is generally simpler than that of a heat pump or ducted air conditioning.The mobile model is immediately ready to install and use.However, split models do require the skills of a professional installer to reap the full benefits of this type of device.

Possible additional functions

Reversible air conditioners may also offer more features for air conditioning enthusiasts. Some models come with a turbo function, which allows the device to operate at full power, reaching the desired temperature as quickly as possible, and without incurring the risk of overconsumption. Some brands also offer a night mode, where the room temperature is cooled by one degree every hour. And after five hours of constant temperature, the device turns on again to create an optimal indoor climate for cooling or heating the ambient air in several rooms of the house.

A worthwhile investment

At first glance, air conditioners with Inverter technology are more expensive than conventional air conditioners or other split units.However, it should always be kept in mind that compared to standard air conditioners, these reversible air conditioners only require half the time required to heat or cool a room.They allow considerable energy savings thanks to an autonomous and intuitive heating and cooling mode, not to mention above-average energy efficiency.And you will clearly feel it in terms of operating costs and power consumption, which will allow you to pay off your investment in the long run.