Winning on the stock market: dream or reality?

There are things millionaires these days all have in common. Indeed, successful investors have put their money in at least one of the following: the stock market, real estate and precious metals. Among these three, the stock market is presented as one of the most secure investments even if the media often say the opposite.

You are not convinced ? Well, why then would the richest in this world put their money at risk? You will understand that making money by investing in the stock market is indeed a reality. It is even the safest and most profitable investment over the long term.

The finding: 90 % of individual investors lose on the stock market

Although the stock market is very profitable, a non-new observation does exist. 90 % individuals investing in the stock market lose their money. This much-cited figure is the result of a 2014 study carried out by the Autorité des Marchés Financiers or AMF. But nothing is lost all the same, because in part, such a statistic can be explained by different reasons:

  • Lack of efficient capital;
  • The lack of a successful method;
  • The scams suffered by retail investors.

Solution n ° 1, I am interested in one eye before jumping into the deep end

You will surely agree that it is a mistake to go headlong into a stock market investment project. But solutions do exist, and one of the first that deserves your attention is to fully immerse yourself in the universe before you start investing. You have various options for this. You can take online training, watch videos on various specialized sites, like what you can benefit from via Graphseo purse by Julien Flot for example.

Another alternative is to educate yourself with companies and see if one or more of them are offering actions that are worthwhile. Find out directly on their website by browsing the information they make available, particularly regarding their financial health, before buying shares.

You can also get information via official bodies such as Euronext and follow stock market news from the AMF. Finally, you can also rely on the information you receive from certain trusted brokers.

Solution n ° 2, select the right tools

One of the best ways to win in the stock market is to choose a good stock broker. The latter is the intermediary between the trader (the investor), in this case you, and the stock market. As such, this financial professional will provide you with various tools via a platform that allows your positioning on the financial markets. Moreover, with the rise of the Internet in recent decades, there are online brokers who give you the opportunity to carry out all transactions via computer, smartphone and tablet.

But in addition to classic brokerage activities and operations, a broker can also provide you with other tools such as graphical analysis software to know stock market prices or stock screeners to carry out a stop-picking, among others. . A good broker also provides advice and knowledge through white papers, webinars, market insights, and much more.

Please note that a broker must have a license and must have authorization to work in France. Before choosing one, it is essential to check whether the broker in question is indeed on the AMF's registers. You can also read the opinions of brokers like DEGIRO, among others.