Organize your move well


Moving is an important part of life for most people, but it can also be very stressful, as certain changes often are. In order to avoid the vagaries as much as possible, you will have to think of a multitude of details for this change of location to take place in the best possible conditions. Obviously, the choice of the mover is a crucial step. How to choose it and how to assess if the offered price is reasonable?

The criteria for evaluating a mover

If the price is important, it is far from being the only criterion. Especially when it comes to moving, a high price does not necessarily mean quality. We must therefore try to assess the quality of the service offered. Among the criteria to be taken into account, you should look at the insurance offered in the event of theft or destruction of the goods transported. Even if this is rare, there is no such thing as zero risk and unfortunately there is too often breakage during transport.

We also measure the performance of a moving company based on the number of employees who will be on site and the time it will take them to remove everything and put it back in the new space. The professional must be able to mobilize the number of people necessary according to the volume to be moved.

How to assess if the proposed price is competitive?

If you had never called in a professional move beforehand, your first instinct will certainly be to seek advice from those around you. There will therefore be multiple opinions and you will not necessarily have obtained the necessary elements to finalize your choice. You will simply have obtained various recommendations which will in reality only be the contact details of movers and you will then have to consult them one by one. To compare their prices, you will therefore have to ask them for a quote. This step is long, time consuming and requires communicating the same information to each interlocutor consulted.

The details to be provided are generally always the same, namely the address for taking charge of the removal and the delivery address, accessibility in terms of floor, width of stairs, presence or not of 'an elevator etc… Regarding the nature of the move itself, you will need to estimate the volume expressed in m3 and indicate whether you have particularly large or fragile objects. The configuration of the premises may in fact require the use of an external lift as well. This contingency sometimes has a significant cost.

Next comes the question of the desired service. You can opt for a formula where the mover takes care of everything, from packing your personal effects to unpacking them at the place of delivery or for a minimum formula in which you will take care of everything yourself.

As for the packaging material, it is in principle always provided and included in the price, but some inexpensive packages also allow the customer to provide their own packaging.

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