Using the benefits of oils well

More and more French people are aware that their health and well-being do not necessarily depend on medical treatment. Today, more and more of us are looking for natural and preventive solutions to our ailments and the same is true with cosmetic and food products. However, oils are one of those natural elements which have nutritional, medicinal and cosmetic virtues, provided you know how to use them well.

What is the difference between a vegetable oil and an essential oil?

Essential oils are obtained mainly after a process of steam distillation of an aromatic plant. A vegetable oil, on the other hand, is a fatty substance obtained after hot or cold pressing of an oleaginous fruit. All compounds called "oil" flower-based are actually macerates. Both have cosmetic virtues, medicinal or aromatic, but only vegetable oils do not contain any contraindication. Vegetable oils can be used alone like rosehip oil which is used to fade scars, mixed or can be used as a thinner for essential oils to apply in massage. If you want to know the different kinds of oils that exist on the market, go visit the website ofa vegetable oil shop.

What are the contraindications with essential oils? 

As extracts from a distillation process, essential oils are very strong. Aromatic plants are already powerful enough and must already be dosed correctly when they are not processed. Certain essential oils must therefore be carefully dosed to be used. Most of them are even contraindicated for pregnant women, children and people with respiratory illnesses. 

Are essential oils reimbursed by your mutual? 

Aromatherapy is a branch of herbal medicine. Considered therefore as alternative medicine, it is not covered by social security in France. On the other hand, some insurance companies and mutuals understood the value of reimbursing some of these costs. It is essential to find out which mutuals offer reimbursement aromatherapy costs and under what conditions they support it. 

How do you use oils?

Essential oils are used in inhalation, in massage, or can also be ingested. In the first case, they are placed in a diffuser provided for this purpose. It is used to perfume or purify the ambient air in a room. In the second case, they are diluted in one or more vegetable oils. Finally, in the latter case, place the number of drops indicated on neutral tablets, as the taste and smell can be very strong in the mouth. If you have no knowledge of aromatherapy, it is essential to check with a specialist or pharmacist who will be able to advise you. 

Vegetable oils are much easier to find, including in commerce and supermarkets. They can be used without fear of overdose, as they are much weaker than essential oils. Some are very good for the skin of the face and body (sweet almond oil, apricot oil) or for the hair (jojoba oil), others will soothe shocks and blows (arnica oil) . Finally, there are all the essential oils that will be consumable in the kitchen. 

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