Tips for renovating your interior doors

A door that begins to deteriorate over time will make the whole room look gray. Over the years, it is also possible to want to change its color so that it is better suited to the new decoration of the room. Here is how to give a second youth to your interior door.

The procedure to refresh its interior doors

There are two options if you want to change the style or color of your doors. In the event that you enjoy DIY, you will be able to take charge of this work. You just have to think carefully about the style that will suit the best. On the other hand, if DIY is not your thing at all, you can ask a professional to do it.

However, if you plan to do this work like a professional would, then you will need to be well equipped. You will need a wire brush or paint stripper to clean the door. For example, you can start by using a thermal stripper before scraping off any paint residue with your wire brush. Also keep some wood filler handy so that you can repair any damaged areas.

Sanding and paint application

When you have successfully camouflaged all the imperfections on the door, use a medium-grit sandpaper for sanding. Do not neglect any part and remember to sand all the corners well to avoid new imperfections. Then you will need to move on to the step of applying the wood primer. When it dries, all you have to do is paint your door before reassembling it.

Have the block holder renovated by the manufacturer

However another solution which is becoming more and more popular is the renovation of block holders by manufacturers. Multiple solutions are indeed available if the Interior renovation door manufacturer that interests you. You will then have the choice between solid wood doors or lacquered models. But it is also possible that a PVC door tempts you the most.

And if you cannot find a suitable model, it is quite possible to order a custom one. It will then suffice to remove the hinges and the hinge fittings from the door before proceeding with its subsequent installation. A little imagination, tools or just good advice can therefore help renovate your interior doors.

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