Wing surfing, a new board sport that attracts everyone

Wing surfing is on the rise, with the number of followers continuing to increase in France and elsewhere. Who invented it, how is this water sport practiced and why such a craze ? Find the answers to all your questions in our article.

The origins of wing surfing

Also known as wing foil, wing surfing is a board sport easy to practice. The first prototype was created in 2015 by Tony Logosz, a former windsurfer and inventor of nautical accessories and equipment. However, the concept was born in the 1980s according to some specialists, the materials necessary for its practice are quite similar to those currently used. It has only been reinvented over the years, with the appearance of more advanced accessories.

While the equipment originally consisted of a foilboard and a wing of kitesurfing, new designs quickly emerged to make it a discipline in its own right. Icons of board sports like the Hawaiian Kai Lenny have contributed to the development of specific materials such as the Slingshot where the Duotone. Wing surfing is rapidly growing in popularity and already has many followers in France.

The specificities of wing surfing

As with kitesurfing, wing surfing is based on the energy provided by the wind and the wave. It is without a doubt one of the easiest water activities to learn. In terms of materials, we distinguish Thewing of wing on one side and the board on the other, these two elements being not integral. Instead of the bar to hold the sail, you will find handles located on the central batten or a rigid boom for better handling. It also does not require the use of a harness or line. The practitioner is connected to the sail via a leash to be installed on the wrist,and to the board via another leash to be fixed on the ankle.

It is possible to use an ordinary SUP (stand up paddle) type board if you are new to it, and adopt a dedicated wing surfing model known as a foil board once you have mastered the basic techniques. The length of the mast is to be defined according to your level. For novices, it is advisable to choose a mast of about 75 centimeters. A wind of 15 km / h is more than enough to allow you to glide on the water at a height of 80 centimeters. In any case, try wing surfing, you will feel like you are flying, only tonight at sea or on a lake. It’s just magic!

Know that you can use the wing of the wing surf to practice other board sports such as skateboarding, skiing, snowkiting or longskating. Make the most of it during your next adventure trip to Nhim Island, for example. All it takes is a little wind and knowing how to keep your balance on your board to enjoy the pleasures of skiing!

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