The best ways to use promotional items to promote your business

The distribution promotional items is a great way to build brand awareness among prospects and potential customers. Check out our tips for choosing the best way to use promotional items for marketing your business.

Do you remember the days when a company printed its logo on everything? Custom pens, mouse pads, mugs and even socks! Remember when your holiday gift was a lovely gift bag containing a pen, shirt, and chocolate bar, all with your company logo on it?

Promotional items remain a key element of the advertising strategy of a company !

Here are some tips for choosing and using promotional items for your business

Almost anything you can think of can be turned into a promotional item.

Here are some of the most common and successful promotional items:

  • Pens and other writing instruments
  • Clothing (t-shirts, caps)
  • Food
  • Bottles of water
  • Reusable bags
  • Calendars

Low cost brand marketing

A digital advertisement is digested in seconds. An email is easily deleted. Physical branded products, on the other hand, last much longer.

Useful objects, such as pens or stationery, are items that consumers are more likely to hang on. When they pull out a branded pen or wear a promotional t-shirt to their next gym class, other people will see your business contact details as well. Each time a promotional item is used, it allows a more people to know about your business.

You only made the initial investment in the product, but the returns on investment continue for days, weeks or even years as items remain in use.

Create a physical link with your business

People cannot touch a digital banner ad or a photo on social media. Something you can hold in your hands creates a tangible link between your prospect and your business. It makes your business more memorable because gift recipients see and use your item over and over again. In the end, the growing your business benefits from your promotional actions.

Avoid short-lived products

Try to select items that will last a long time. Instead of a pad of printed sticky notes, opt for a holder that can be used repeatedly.

Food is an exception to the short shelf life rule. At certain times of the year (Christmas, Easter), personalized chocolates are really appreciated.

Pay attention to clothes

La mise en garde contre les logos sur les articles est double pour les t-shirts, les casquettes, etc. Vous aimez votre entreprise et le logo qui l’accompagne. À moins que vous ne soyez une marque vraiment aimée, il y a de fortes chances pour que vos clients n’apprécient pas l’idée de porter une casquette avec votre logo.