Post-containment work: linking applications are a hit!

Do you have work to do at home? But are you not good at all? If you don't feel like spending all your money hiring a DIY professional, you can use an online collaborative solution. Find out which matchmaking apps are hot right now.

Stootie: small and large jobs between individuals

Stootie is an application that connects the supplier and the requester via geolocation. Different services are offered such as smartphone repair, online courses, gardening, help with a move, but DIY services are certainly the most important on the platform.

In addition, Stootie is very easy to use. All you need to do is post an ad on the app in which you describe the work you need as well as the expected skill level and required materials.

Many qualified individuals will answer you and offer you their services which will obviously be cheaper than with DIY professionals. You just have to choose the handyman that suits you the most. In addition, the application is very convenient for carrying out your research precisely and quickly finding the solution to your problem.

Thanks Jack: DIY the Uber Way

If you need to have small jobs like installing a faucet or a shelf but also more substantial ones like installing a kitchen, Merci Jack is for you. Thanks to this application, you will have the possibility of receiving a qualified professional in less than an hour at your home.

Your handyman will observe the work to be done and he will offer you a quote. If you accept it, it will do the work right away, otherwise it will leave and you will not pay. It is certainly one of the most convenient, fast and efficient applications around.

Allovoisins: between proximity and mutual aid between individuals

Allovoisins works much like the Stootie app by connecting neighbors. Via the platform, individuals can provide themselves many services for a fee. Available on site or in application, Allovoisins publishes announcements containing requests and neighbors located in the vicinity can respond to them and make their service proposal.

It is possible on the application to set an hourly, daily, global budget or even to offer free services on the principle of mutual aid.

Supermano: the best online handyman

Gardening, DIY, electricity, plumbing, painting and small jobs, everything is possible to renovate your house in Supermano. The application offers you a very easy to use interface. In fact, all you have to do is enter the type of work, your location, the desired day of intervention and the site offers you a list of handymen suited to your needs.

This is convenient, because you will not need to respond to various requests that do not meet your expectations. You won't waste your time anymore!

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