Garden pergola: the finishing touch to your exterior

As summer approaches, it's time to spruce up your garden. We take care of the plants, we water the flowers, we mow the lawn… And we add decoration! And what better than a pergola to decorate your garden and give it a unique and authentic charm? Shelters dating from antiquity, pergolas are very popular and come in all shapes and materials.

The origins of the pergola

The origin of the pergola is very old and dates back to Antiquity. Appeared in Italy, it was originally used to grow vines and protect terraces from the sun and wind without having to close them. Most of the pergolas at the time were made of wood which was gradually replaced by PVC, steel and wrought iron in the middle of the 20th century. Today, there are bioclimatic pergolas made of slats that can orient themselves according to the heat and the weather. In a constantly evolving technological universe, we also see the appearance of additional functions on pergolas such as heating systems, lighting and even misters. The traditional steel pergola has nevertheless not lost its success because it gives a note of authentic charm to the garden.

There are variations on the pergola, such as trellises, gazebos and arbors. The evolution of pergolas can even lead to assimilate them to verandas as they are increasingly designed to be usable in all seasons.

A pergola, several uses

The steel pergola can serve as a support for your climbing plants, whether they are roses, wisteria or ivy. It offers an elegant design which gives charm to the garden, and can be fixed on the terrace or in the grass. Whether it is to grow plants or to add a touch of romance to the terrace, the pergola is ideal to decorate your exterior. To give a feeling of conviviality, place it above a garden sofa for example, or add several and place them at the bottom of the garden to create a little piece of paradise.

There are different kinds of pergolas and you will be spoiled for choice from all the colors, sizes and designs available. Many are made of PVC, but there are also wrought iron and steel. If you want to give an authentic charm to your garden, choose a steel pergola in an aged iron color, as proposed for example. Most garden pergolas are designed to withstand climatic conditions in all seasons and thus have a great longevity.

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