Mes Allocs, number 1 in online financial aid

Mes Allocs is a website created in 2018 which allows you to simulate for free and in a few minutes all the aids to which you are entitled. The main objective of the platform is to allow you to have a single point of contact that brings together all kinds of financial aid: CAF, regional aid, CROUS, departmental aid, Pôle Emploi, city aid, and plenty of other.

The free simulator allows you to estimate your rights to more than a hundred aids, all the aids are grouped into a single questionnaire. This is what sets us apart from other platforms. In addition, if you want to go further in your efforts, an expert from My Allocations accompanies you throughout the procedure you can subscribe to their paid service.

Why did you create Mes Allocs?

My Allocs was founded on a simple observation, this is because each year there are around more than ten billion euros in social assistance that go unclaimed.

This lack of requests can be explained by many factors, such as:

  • Administrative complexity;
  • Lack of time ;
  • A bad past experience;
  • A blockage with a social organization;
  • Lack of knowledge of rights;
  • Modesty.

In addition, be aware that social services are very often overwhelmed by the large number of requests, which is why they are not able to process all requests without delay.

The objective of the Mes Allocs team is to help you improve your purchasing power, not only by obtaining all the aid to which you can claim but also by reducing your daily expenses: internet, telephone, electricity. , gas, monthly loan payments, etc. Thanks to My Allocs, users save nearly € 800 per month.

In order to improve the purchasing power of individuals and encourage them to assert their rights, the team of experts at Mes Allocs supports you in your efforts and offers you a fast and above all free online simulator.

My Allocs, the virtual assistant dedicated to individuals

The My Allocs support service is chargeable, it is aimed at individuals who do not assert their rights to aid, either due to lack of time, modesty, or ignorance of aid measures, or simply through administrative phobia. Indeed, the objective is to act in addition to traditional social services to improve access to assistance by offering those who so wish the possibility of having a single point of contact to advise them in their administrative procedures.

To date, the team has helped over 10,000 non-assisted people to claim their rights.

In addition to social support, the Mes Allocs team also has the ambition to support individuals in their professional reintegration, by helping them to write their CV, cover letter, and by offering them jobs via partner recruitment agencies. . The My Allocs expert also advises on available and useful training, for which training aids can be used.

What is the mission of this startup?

So that everyone can improve their standard of living, Mes Allocs provides everyone with a free simulator. It allows each user to access the entire help device within minutes.

Unlike traditional simulators, their simulation tool combines all financial and social assistance into a single questionnaire.

Therefore, you will quickly find your eligibility:

  • Family allowances;
  • Aid related to transport
  • Housing assistance
  • To Pôle Emploi aid;
  • Help from CAF or MSA;
  • Departmental services;
  • Assistance for adults with disabilities;
  • To all credits;
  • Training aid;

As a reminder, the right to access financial aid is a given: it is free.

Thus, you will find free on My Allocs:

  • Guide articles on the various social assistance systems and tips to improve the standard of living of individuals;
  • The possibility of asking questions to an expert about rights and aids;
  • The free simulator that lets you know your eligibility for financial aid.

Thanks to its online support platform, Mes Allocs complements and relieves traditional social services. They allow traditional social workers to get rid of the boring administrative work to focus on the highest added value of their profession: human social support.

In addition, Mes Allocs helps fight fraud by verifying all of their clients' statements. This is important, especially when you consider that nearly "2.5 million phantom people would benefit from 30 billion euros in undue social benefits". Source

What cost for support from Mes Allocs?

As we have seen previously, access to the financial and social assistance simulator is completely free. If you need to be accompanied by an expert from the team, Mes Allocs offers a paid administrative and social support service.

Thanks to this service, you will benefit from the skills of a Mes Allocs expert who will be available at any time by email or phone, to advise and guide you throughout the evolution of your situation and help you in all your procedures. (aid, taxes, social security, writing official letters, job search, training… the list is long!). The price of the subscription to their administrative and social support service is € 29.90 administration fees then € 29.90 per quarter, which can be canceled at any time without charge.

When your support contract is effective thanks to the electronic signature, a My Allocs expert will quickly contact you to take stock of your situation and answer all the questions you may have. At the end of the administrative procedures, you will receive directly in your bank account the amount of aid for which you are effectively eligible. Your expert also takes care of reducing all your daily expenses.

With this single point of contact to support you in all of your procedures, you will no longer need to travel and will also save time, while improving your purchasing power with complete peace of mind

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