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Difficult to make a choice for your new Stihl Chainsaw? We wrote this Stihl Chainsaw Special Buying Guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Stihl Chainsaw!

Our selection of stihl chainsaw

Stihl Chainsaw Buying Guide

Chainsaws are not only used for forestry activities. Indeed, this tool is also used for the maintenance of gardens and properties, as well as for various domestic jobs. This comparison resulting from the test of the types of chainsaws offered by the Stihl brand, will help you to choose the best model adapted to your needs. Both in terms of application, performance and practicality. It is also important to know the different accessories of this tool to make its use more practical and safe, but also to ensure its durability.

Features to check when buying a chainsaw

The first criterion for selecting a chainsaw is the type of its engine.In fact, there are two main families of chainsaws:those powered by a heat engine and those equipped with an electric motor.This is particularly the case with Stihl chainsaws.Choosing a chainsaw engine is not just a question of power.It will also be decisive for the scope of this tool, but also in terms of comfort and ergonomics.The second criterion is the size of the chainsaw.The length of the blade of the model you choose should be proportional to the elements you cut.Indeed, a Stihl 35 centimeter chainsaw is more suitable for cutting small branches for the maintenance of trees in a garden, while a model of the same brand with a 75 centimeter blade will be essential for felling. big trees.

Why choose a Stihl electric chainsaw?

The various tests and comparisons carried out on various models of chainsaws in the Stihl brand range have shown that those equipped with an electric motor are more suitable for domestic use, especially in urban areas.In fact, unlike thermal chainsaws, electric chainsaws are less noisy.With an electric Stihl chainsaw, you won't risk disturbing your neighbors and you also won't have to wear hearing protection during prolonged use.Electric chainsaws are therefore preferred for garden maintenance, occasional interventions in urban areas, chopping firewood on a property, as well as for DIY work:battery-powered electric chainsaws, which have less autonomy than petrol models; and those powered by mains plugs, which offer less mobility because they require a source of electricity to be carried at hand.

Why choose a Stihl petrol chainsaw?

Petrol chainsaws have better endurance and horsepower than electric models.For more intensive use, the choice of a Stihl petrol chainsaw should therefore be preferred.Petrol chainsaws are indeed particularly suitable for making sustained and prolonged cuts, as is often the case for professional use.Petrol chainsaws also have an increased autonomy compared to electric chainsaws.In fact, they only require a supply of fuel.For work in places where it is not always easy to access a power source, a Stihl petrol chainsaw is therefore the best choice.As in the case of work carried out in rural areas (fields, farms, estates,?) or during forestry work for example.

The essential accessories when buying a chainsaw

When purchasing a chainsaw, it is important to also purchase the various accessories, such as those intended for the Stihl range of chainsaws.The first accessory to acquire with your chainsaw is a key kit as well as a multi-key.Indeed, this accessory will be essential to you in many situations.For example to tension or change the chain saw or to remove the spark plug to clean it or change it in the case of a thermal model.The second accessory is the chain guard.As the chain of a chainsaw can easily cause injury, it is important to take certain precautions when transporting it.Covering the saw blade with a chain guard will allow you to transport it safely without necessarily having to put it back in its case.Finally, the last accessory to buy with your chainsaw is a holster.This accessory is often overlooked by users.Having a holster will keep your Stihl chainsaw in good condition for many years to come.Storing and transporting a chainsaw without protecting it is conducive to premature degradation, both of the blade and of its body.Without a holster, a chainsaw is particularly vulnerable to scratches, knocks, chafing and moisture.Having a case will also make it easier for you to carry the tools you need to maintain and adjust the chainsaw, avoiding them being separated from it or losing them.

The protective equipment to provide for the use of a chainsaw

It is important to protect yourself when using a chainsaw.Gloves will allow you to have a good grip on the chainsaw in all circumstances, while preventing you from getting dirty, especially during prolonged use, in addition to protecting you from splinters.As the use of a chainsaw involves the projection of chips and particles of wood, it is also important to have a pair of protective glasses.The wood dust produced during the various cuts is also to be taken into account.Equipping yourself with a mask will prevent you from inhaling it, whether you use it outdoors or in a closed or covered space.

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