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Difficult to make a choice for your new Reeving Pulley? We wrote this special purchasing guide Reeving Pulley to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our utmost to help you choose the best Reeving Pulley!

Our selection of hauling pulleys

Reeving pulley buying guide

A reeving pulley is the key component of a reeving device, thanks to its role of multiplying traction or lifting forces. We have established a Top 10 Best Reeving Pulley 2018 to help you in your choice. It includes a complete buying guide resulting from our tests and comparisons.

Buying guide: how to choose the best hauling block 2018?

A hauling pulley (or block) has a wide range of uses. Mounted on an electric winch or a manual winch (with crank), it ensures the multiplication of the traction capacity. A role that has earned it a prominent place in other lifting devices, hauling, or lifting equipment using a pulley system.
In the lifting and handling industry, a reeving pulley is also a great help when lifting heavy loads. These lifting accessories are then connected to slings or a lifting beam, to optimize the lifting capacity of the hoist, lifting table and crane trolleys.
On a ship, a reeving pulley also serves as a catalyst in operations such as mooring, mooring, or mooring. The fittings will then be punctuated by multiple devices allowing, among other things, to pull a load in a direction opposite to that of the lifting winch, hauling winch, or even skidding winch. The pulley will then be biased in an angle transmission, with lashing to a support with a force proportional to the load.


The sheave constitutes a criterion of choice in terms of reeving pulley, in particular in the event of mounting on an electric winch. Its thickness must above all be proportional to that of the stainless steel cable, to that of the steel cable to be used, as well as to that of the flange. This prevents play on the axes. Finally, a steel sheave on a bronze ring with a grease nipple makes lifting and handling operations even easier.

Ball bearings

Also prefer a hauling pulley giving pride of place to ball bearings. Mounted at the level of the axle, it avoids play and the associated risks. A bearing also finds its place on the shackle, to properly oil the gear. Finally, rollers without ball bearings have difficulty turning, above a certain weight. A situation which does not allow the pulley to take advantage of its role in the reduction of the lifting or traction forces.

Full rotation

A reeving pulley capable of making a 360 degree rotation protects the stainless steel or steel cable from the risk of knotting. This criterion is especially relevant on so-called "swivel" pulleys, in reference to the fixing system with a riveted pin.

How to choose the Best Reeving Pulley 2018?

Our tests and comparisons allowed us to determine the different types of hauling pulleys.

Single pulley

In an attic, a simple pulley is a great help in lifting hay bales on a goat. In the garden, it makes it easy to stretch and fold up a protective veil. Opt for a haul pulley with a smooth sliding function, to simplify the operation.
A single pulley is also known for its ease of use. Just open the flange, pass the cable, pass a shackle through the flange opening, secure the cable to a tie-down point, and bring the winch hook back.

Double pulley

Highly used in lifting and handling operations, a double pulley generally has a fixed plane, thus facilitating the handling of the steel cable or stainless steel cable. It also has a cylinder head that can rotate 360 ??degrees. Major brands such as Varan Motors, Petzl and Gerbeur also offer double stainless steel pulleys, and therefore high resistance against rust.

Opening pulley

Above all, an opening pulley allows you to vary the winding speed, to optimize the reeving system. The opening of this type of reeving pulley is very convenient in handling the cable. No need to unhook the pulley. Thanks to the addition of a cable guide in the flange, the steel cable or stainless steel cable suffers less friction.

Idler pulley

A deflection pulley is very useful in a winch hoist system. This type of reeving pulley is equipped with a whole set of ball bearings. It is also easy to assemble and very quickly disassemble.

One-piece hauling pulley

A one-piece haul pulley quickly became the standard in the lifting and handling sector. This structure notably ensures flawless robustness. Its standard axis is captive, thanks to a clip pin or circlip attachment: very practical in maneuvers requiring openings and closings. A monobloc pulley is also equipped with two fins keeping the rope on the track. It is better to favor a model offering the becket function for the realization of a hoist or for mounting on an electric hoist, manual hoist or chain hoist.

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