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Difficult to make a choice for your new Bosch Sander? We wrote this Bosch sander special buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Bosch Sander!

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Bosch sander buying guide

A sander is an essential tool for all carpentry work. Whether in manufacturing or maintenance. A sander will allow you to facilitate your carpentry work while improving their quality. Choosing a sander is not always easy. Indeed, there are many variations of Bosch sanders. A test and comparison of the different of these different models is therefore essential to choose the best Bosch sander that will be suitable for your work, as well as your needs in terms of practicality and performance. There are 3 main types of Bosch sanders. Namely: the eccentric, vibrating and belt sander.

Bosch eccentric sanders

A Bosch eccentric sander has a circular plate that spins on itself. This circular movement is accompanied by a perpendicular movement, thus causing the sander to vibrate. The test as well as the comparison of the different models of Bosch sanders have shown that the eccentric models are the ones with the best versatility. Indeed, they are suitable for all types of surfaces and materials, but also allow both coarse sanding and finishing.

There is a variant of the Bosch eccentric sander. This is the orbital sander. It has the same characteristics of an eccentric sander, with the difference that its plate swings instead of vibrating. Indeed, the axis of rotation of the plate is off-center, which allows the sander to oscillate instead of vibrating. This feature allows the orbital sander to have greater versatility for sanding different surfaces of different shapes. However, for finishing jobs, a Bosch eccentric sander is a better choice because of its higher precision.

It should be noted that there are also eccentric orbital sanders. These combine oscillating movement with vibratory movements. These models therefore combine the properties of an orbital sander with those of a vibrating sander.

Bosch vibrating sanders

The bed of a Bosch vibrating sander, unlike an eccentric or orbital model, does not rotate.This is why the bed of a orbital sander is square, rectangular or triangular in shape.The sanding is done by lateral and longitudinal movements.These movements are created by an oscillating cam that converts the rotation of the sander motor into repeated linear movements.Tests as well as comparisons have shown that a orbital sander is rather intended for finishing work.The different shapes of the plates of a vibrating sander make it easier to sand hard-to-reach parts of a woodworking room.

Bosch belt sanders

Belt sanders use a strip of sandpaper stretched between two rollers to perform sanding. The rotation of the two rollers drives the sandpaper strip like a conveyor belt. Tests as well as reviews have proven that Bosch belt sanders are a better choice when it comes to rough sanding or stripping. Indeed, a belt sander has a power compared to other models.

A cordless or cordless Bosch sander: what to choose?

Bosch sanders are also available in corded and stand-alone models. Indeed, they can either be powered by battery or by mains plug. A Bosch corded sander is a better choice for long-lasting sanding. A corded sander generally has better horsepower compared to battery-powered models. However, for more mobility, a Bosch cordless sander is a better choice. Indeed, a corded sander that needs to be connected to a socket is less practical to use, especially for outdoor work for example.

As a Bosch cordless sander has limited battery life, it is important to pay close attention to its battery capacity when purchasing it.Models with a high number of ampere-hours should be preferred for better autonomy.The power of a Bosch sander will depend on its voltage.To have sufficient power for your various jobs, the choice of a Bosch sander with a high voltage is therefore recommended.A Bosch cordless sander will offer you greater user comfort, but also more freedom of movement and will also allow you to facilitate your operations outdoors or in hard-to-reach places.

Bosch vacuum sanders

As sanding produces dust, the vacuum function is a real advantage on a Bosch sander.This will keep you from getting dirty, but also keep your surgery clean.There are two variants of vacuum sanders.To know :those equipped with a dust bag and those equipped with a vacuum cleaner outlet.Vacuum sanders equipped with a dust bag are able to vacuum the dust produced by sanding independently.Models with a vacuum outlet, as the name suggests, can be connected to a vacuum cleaner to collect dust when sanding.In case you do large area sanding often, a sander with a vacuum outlet will prevent you from having to empty the contents of the dust bag more often.

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