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Difficult to make a choice for your new Belt Sander? We wrote this Special Belt Sander buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Belt Sander!

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Belt sander buying guide

You are planning on getting a belt sander but are not sure which model to choose. This is quite normal given the plethora of products that exist in the market with the development of DIY tools. But do not panic. Here you have a comparison that will allow you to orient yourself towards the right model while preserving your freedom of choice. Above all, it is about giving you the right advice to find the best model. After reading this post, you will have all the information from our reliable tests to choose from.

What is a sander for?

As a reminder, the sander can polish and strip a surface. It can be a wall, a floor, furniture or others. Wattage varies from model to model, as does the size and shape of the device. For example, a sander can be used to remove paint from a surface for re-coating later. It can also be a question of equalizing the surface of a piece of furniture or a joinery.

The sander is divided into different categories depending on use. You will find on the market the belt sander, the eccentric sander, the disc sander and finally the belt sander that interests us the most.

The belt sander allows you to work on small areas and reach difficult corners. The random orbit sander has a backing pad that allows you to work large surfaces for finishing work. It turns out to be more powerful and more efficient depending on the model. The disc sander is a derivative of the orbital sander that uses polishing foam or a buffing disc instead of abrasive to polish. Finally, there is the belt sander which is used for coarse sanding: parquet, joists, planks or others.

Why choose a belt sander?

The belt sander is as just said used for coarse sanding. It has two parallel rollers on which a strip of abrasive paper is attached. In a forward-to-backward motion, the rollers sand with the help of the sandpaper in a rotating motion. This tool is powerful but also extremely noisy and can be used for jobs with high removal capacities. For example, it can be used to rough wood.

The belt sander requires some physical strength since you are working on a difficult surface. Its weight varies between 4 and 8kg. It pickles and coats in large quantities but is not suitable for finishing. If you have hard-to-reach corners, you can use a derivative of the belt sander which is the electric file that allows you to file and polish at the same time. Either way, the belt sander is best placed to help you work a large area with high stock removal. So here are some tips for finding the best belt sander.

The parameters for choosing a belt sander

To find a good model of belt sander, you need to consider certain criteria. First, there is the power of the device, which varies from tool to tool and depends on the brand. You need to assess this potency and choose the product according to your needs.

Next, you need to study the power mode which is either wired or wireless. A corded belt sander allows you to work for a long time. However, remember to have a power source nearby for more convenience in using the device. Otherwise, there is the cordless sander which is powered by a rechargeable battery.

On the safety side, you must also consider the vacuum system of any device. You should avoid inhaling dust emitted by sanding. Some models have a filtration system and an integrated vacuum cleaner.

On the practical side, you must assess the weight of the device to be able to use it without straining your arm too much. The existence of handles also makes it easier to grip. Added to this is the anti-vibration system which allows you to feel less of the vibration of the machine when it is in operation and helps you to do better sanding.

Finally, you must consider the availability of spare parts when making your purchase. This being so in order to prepare yourself for possible breakdowns and to avoid having to stop your work, whether in the professional field or in home use.

All you have to do is take the test and choose the right brand of belt sander from those on the market. Choose recognized brands to ensure the quality of the tool. Of course, you will also choose according to your budget. You have now learned more about the belt sander. To your purchases.

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