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Difficult to make a choice for your new Tactile Cashier? We wrote this Special Tactile Checkout buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our utmost to help you choose the best Touch Box!

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Tactile cash register buying guide

You have a small business and you need a cash register to do your daily accounting.It is indeed the first essential tool for a trader.A cash register allows you to more easily manage your stock, analyze your sales statistics, etc.In addition, it is a mandatory tool for all traders since the start of 2018.Indeed, it is the finance law that makes the use of a cash register compulsory for all professionals, at least those who are subject to VAT.But how do you choose the best cash register?The tactile cash register is currently enjoying great popularity.Is this really what you need?To simplify your choice, discover our comparison and buying guide right away.

What are the criteria for choosing the best touchscreen cash register?

There are five important points to consider when choosing a cash register. There are in particular the handling, the gain in productivity, the functionalities, the specialization of the profession and the scalability.

But first of all, you have to determine all your daily needs. This will make it easier for you to choose the best touchscreen cash register for your goals. First try to identify how many products and / or services you manage on a daily basis. Also try to analyze the number of people who will be using the cash register. Also, know if you need a cash register that can easily be connected to your computer. This information will be used to identify the model of touch screen cash register you need.

The different touchscreen cash register models

In fact, there are mainly two categories of tactile checkout : individual tactile checkouts and networked tactile checkouts. The early models unfortunately cannot be linked to computers to transmit commands. They are more recommended for simple businesses such as cheese factories, bakeries, butchers, etc. In contrast, networked touchscreen checkouts are better suited to businesses that have more to do. They are more recommended for professionals who need to perform many operations simultaneously and remotely.

The advantage of networked touchscreen cash registers is that you have better business management. They can, in fact, be coupled with specific software to simplify your use. At the same time as your stock management, you can communicate in real time with your employees on the status of your stocks. However, these models are not very recommended for small traders who do not even have staff to manage. However, you can take a test and see if they are right for you or not.

Getting started, a non-negligible criterion

The best touchscreen cash register is actually a standard upgraded touchscreen cash register. With it, you enjoy ease of use and a competitive advantage. In this sense, it must present many functionalities, which are accessible to everyone, manager as sales employee.

Generally, the touchscreen cash register you are going to purchase should not require a training session before use. It must have a Easy to use to save you time. Also, before buying your advanced calculator, check the software configuration, the various features and the various options that come with it. If necessary, do a test to check everything.

The specialization of the profession

It is always best to choose a machine that helps you facilitate your commercial management. In that sense, a tactile crate that is suitable for a butcher may not be of use to you. Also, among the selection criteria to consider, the specialization of your profession.

Take the time to check if the machine is suitable for your daily use, if the software really follows your needs, etc. Choose a tactile cash register that matches the specifics of your business.

The criterion of scalability

Know that your cash register is called to evolve depending on fluctuations in your business such as the increase in your customers, the mobility of your subscriptions and the inclusion of new technologies.

It would then be silly to choose a machine to record without taking these parameters into account. To be sure that you choose the best touchscreen cash register, you will need to check that your cash register software has the basic essential functions, but that it can also offer other functions.

There are obviously other criteria that you add in this comparison to choose the best touchscreen cash register for your needs. These are only the basic parameters that you should take into account in choosing the right cash register. The price criterion was not mentioned for the simple reason that it is not fixed. Moreover, it depends on the brand you are going to choose. In all cases, however, it is useful to warn you that the purchase of a touch screen cash register will require a small investment.

What are the main functions of a touch screen cash register?

Note that there are different features for a cash register depending on the model. The main ones that are generally present are:

  • Recording of purchases and transactions
  • The establishment of a sales register
  • Archiving of product and price information
  • Stock management
  • The cash drawer
  • Printing invoices or tickets
  • Calculating the total price
  • Barcode reading
  • Printing the cash register
  • Opening and closing the cash register
  • Printing gift certificates
  • Printing exchange tickets
  • Printing proof of purchase

What are the benefits of using a touchscreen checkout?

You should know that best point of sale terminals are no longer used only for standard collection. Indeed, with the availability of ever more efficient software, traditional functions have been considerably extended. The fact of cashing only is therefore no longer relevant, because a tactile electronic cash register can also manage:

  • Different types of payment such as credit cards.
  • Various traditional means of payment that are more secure and autonomous.
  • The possibility of setting up a loyalty program.
  • The possibility of taking into account any coupons presented by customers if your business uses any.
  • The possibility of taking into account certain marketing programs.
  • The ability to request supplies and / or order from your suppliers.
  • The management of orders and receipts for a cash register dedicated to catering.
  • The possibility of having a functionality to manage your staff and the division of their tasks.
  • The possibility of making online orders as well as deliveries.
  • The production of reports and activity reports, the use of generic or personalized accounting files that can be configured in real time.

As we have already mentioned above, the specificities of your profession should not be neglected at all when you are going to choose a tactile cash register. In this sense, be aware that the software may be specially designed for your business. Your system will thus be adapted to the specific needs and obligations of your business. Thanks to this, you will, among other things, be able to benefit from:

  • From a reduced queue at the checkout.
  • Stronger satisfaction and customer relations.
  • Optimized productivity.

Installation of your touchscreen point of sale terminal

When you have made the choice and purchased your payment and cash management terminal, you will need to go through the installation step. The latter turns out to be crucial, especially for financial, accounting and above all, fiscal reasons. For the simpler models that do not require network settings for example, you can do it yourself. You just have to follow the instructions in the user manual.

For more advanced touch-sensitive checkouts that require installation on a network, you will definitely need a professional. Note, however, that it is possible to benefit from the services of a specialist remotely (by phone) or directly locally. This same professional will have to take charge of all settings and programming according to your needs. It will also have to connect the peripherals related to your management tool such as the cash drawer, the barcode reader, the customer display with LCD screen, the printer, etc.

The settings and adjustments of the touch screen

If it has not already been done by a specialist, setting up your touchscreen is the next step before you can use it. The first thing to do for this is to refer to the instructions for use of your equipment. Also, the majority of manufacturers generally provide technical service and support online in case you need it. However, there are still a few steps to follow:

  1. First, you will need to choose the location where you are going to install your cash register. Prefer a comfortable and stable place such as a spacious and high counter. Make sure there is sufficient lighting and also provide enough space for your travel.
  2. Make sure you have the required electrical installations.
  3. Put down the touchscreen cash register and power it up.
  4. Be sure to tie and hide the cables so that no one gets tripped up in them.
  5. Plug your equipment into an electrical outlet, ideally without using an extension cord.
  6. If your checkout has WiFi connectivity, you will need to make sure it picks up at the location you choose. Otherwise, you will have to change places.
  7. If the cash register has a backup battery, install it.
  8. Make all the necessary connections.
  9. Start your touchscreen cash register.
  10. In the event that you need to install external devices, now is a good time to do so.
  11. Unlock your machine's cash drawer
  12. Insert your security key
  13. Go to settings and settings
  14. Program the keys carefully following the manufacturer's recommendations in the user manual.
  15. Set the information relative to the date and time. Don't forget to set the display and the currency that will be used.
  16. Next, set up taxes such as VAT, PST, and GST.
  17. Customize receipts with your contact details for printing. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions.
  18. For more sophisticated checkouts that require a network connection, you will need to insert the supplied installation disc and follow the instructions. You will also need to set up the cash register application or software on your computer (preferably laptop) at the same time.

How to reset your touchscreen cash register?

After you have installed and set up your touchscreen cash register, you will undoubtedly need to perform functional tests. Before you can use it in real conditions, you will then need to reset it. As its name suggests, it is therefore an operation that consists of delete all entries and information entered in the machine.

Note, however, that this task will only affect financial counters. Programming and all parameters will not be affected. However, be aware that this will also erase the Z counters and all ticket numbers. This is also why you should not do a reset if you have already used your cash register on actual sales and operations. Here are the general steps to follow:

  1. Set your cash register to OFF and / or "programming" by keeping the key pressed.
  2. When the screen displays multiple zeros, release the key.
  3. You will have a printed ticket mentioning the initialization code

Some details concerning the legal obligations of a trader

It is important to know that in France, the use of automatic cash registers, whatever their type, is subject to a legislation since January 1, 2018. This specifies a certain number of technical guarantees in order to fight against tax fraud and more particularly against VAT fraud.

Defined in the standard for cash registers NF525, these guarantees thus ensure:

  • Securing the checkouts.
  • Their good conservation.
  • Their archiving.
  • The assurance of the inalterability of accounts.

Specifically, the manufacturer or dealer of the fund should have a certificate of conformity for the models they sell. For you, as a compliant user, you must be able to provide this certificate during checks carried out by the administration.

In the event that the material is very old (therefore non-compliant), or it is not able to show a certificate, a fine must be paid. It should be noted that the amount of the latter is several times greater than the purchase of new equipment.

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