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Difficult to make a choice for your new Indoor Tnt Antenna? We wrote this Interior Tnt Antenna buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Indoor Tnt Antenna!

Our selection of indoor tnt antenna

Indoor tnt antenna buying guide

Previously, to receive as many TV channels as possible, it was necessary to equip yourself with a satellite dish antenna. Nowadays, in order to enjoy reception of free and / or pay channels, even in the most remote areas, the TNT antenna has become essential. Amplification, reception frequency or even the presence of filters, many parameters must be taken into account in your comparison to make sure you choose THE right device. Discover in our article the essential points to define the best indoor terrestrial antenna whose performance meets your needs.

The different types of television antennas

To receive TV channels with good signal quality, you have the choice between three devices:

  • the SAT (satellite television)
  • the TAT (analogue terrestrial television)
  • the TNT (Digital Terrestrial Television)

The year 2011 was marked by the switch to DTT, followed by DTT HD in 2016. Nowadays, this broadcasting medium is the most used in France. To receive digital channels as well as those transmitted via radio waves, it is advisable to have an indoor or outdoor digital antenna. This device is specifically designed for receive all digital terrestrial television channels.

However, if you cannot install a TNT HD antenna on the roof, you will need to turn to an indoor TNT TV antenna. Another alternative to avoid the operations required for installation, be aware that some ISPs (Internet service providers) offer Internet boxes allowing you to receive all channels through the Internet connection. On the other hand, most of the latest television sets have an internal antenna with a TNT decoder.

Why use a TNT antenna?

With the recent introduction of DTT HD, you enjoy a significantly better sound and picture quality compared to the analog television set. With the constant evolution of digital technology, it has become easier to pick up the signal, regardless of your geographic area or the obstacles in the vicinity (tall buildings, thick concrete walls?). Optimize TNT reception by using a parallel VHF-UHF antenna. It is worth noting that more than 2,000 transmitting antennas are scattered across France to allow all French households to enjoy all the TV channels with a high-speed connection.

In addition, with the gradual arrival of 4K technology, recent television screens already have it for better television reception. Since 2016, a large number of television channels have broadcast programs in high definition, with images of 1280 x 720 pixels. These images are perfectly suited to the resolution of Full HD televisions. Thanks to TNT TV, it is now possible to easily change the language as well as the subtitles using a remote control. By accessing DOLBY, you also have the choice between programs in VF or VO thanks to a codec for audio and video distribution.

How to choose an indoor TNT antenna?

To avoid making a mistake in your choice, use the following three main criteria.

Signal amplification

Make sure that the TNT indoor antenna incorporates a signal amplifier. As the name suggests, the antenna booster is designed to give you better signal reception despite inclement weather. So you won't waste many precious minutes researching. Plus, you can access HD programs more easily, even if you are in a concrete or stone house, or in a rural area. It is preferable to opt for a model equipped with an amplification with a gain of 25 dB.

Reception frequency

There are VHF or UHF indoor TNT antennas, or a combination of the two reception frequencies. It is a good idea to check this criterion to ensure that you are enjoying optimum signal reception at all times, no matter what the circumstances. The receive frequency of the indoor TV antenna is also an essential parameter to guarantee good picture quality, perfectly fluid.

For your information, a UHF antenna is perfect for receive signals constantly, regardless of the size of your home, spacious or with rooms with a small area. By opting for a VHF rake antenna, you can pick up signals showing a high frequency. This device is perfect for watching or recording high definition TV programs.


Make sure that the TNT receiver you want to acquire is adjustable and incorporates filters. These elements are specially designed for avoid possible signal interference. When you are focused on watching your favorite show, you won't be bothered by interference issues. Outdoor TV antennas that do not have filters can experience interference or static anytime your refrigerator is opened or a vehicle drives across the street.

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