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Difficult to make a choice for your new Paper Shredder? We wrote this special paper shredder buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Paper Shredder!

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Paper shredder buying guide

In today's digital age, paper documents are used a little less.However, there are areas where they remain essential, especially when it comes to confidential information such as bank statements or medical papers.With this in mind, it is advisable not to throw papers here and there.Above all, they must be destroyed to avoid problems such as identity theft or theft of information.Our comparison offers you a solution for this:the paper shredder.To buy one, you must know the necessary information, which will lead you to choose the best model of the business, in line with your needs.Here is our advice after testing and reviews to find the perfect paper shredder.

What is a paper shredder?

As its name suggests, the paper shredder is an electrical device that shreds confidential papers that are no longer needed. Whether in the workplace or at home, this device can be very useful in preventing all kinds of theft and theft of information.

Depending on the model, the paper shredder has a capacity ranging from 12 to 80 liters. The number of papers to be shredded simultaneously can be up to 10.

When it comes to the shredding mode, there are several levels that make the paper as unreadable as possible.The most common level concerns the grinding into fibers of larger or smaller lamellae.It is mainly used for the destruction of everyday papers.The next level is for cross cuts with length and width grinding.A cut sheet can thus make up to 800 pieces.Some information can still be read but it is not possible to reconstruct the paper.Finally, there is the upper level which transforms the paper into completely unreadable micro confetti.Pieces can go up to 12,000 per paper.This method is used to shred ultra confidential papers.

What are the advantages of a paper shredder?

Having a paper shredder at home can help a lot. As information theft becomes easier and easier, it becomes necessary to completely destroy documents that you do not want to share with third parties.

In business, this device is obviously essential since there are always more or less confidential papers to destroy. All the more so as professional secrecy invites workers to avoid as much as possible the disclosure of information, whether on purpose or by accident. Thus, it is better to shred the papers rather than just throw them in the garbage.

The use of a paper shredder also frees up space by avoiding preserving unnecessary confidential papers. You then have the possibility of better fitting out your office or your premises in a company.

Choosing the best paper shredder

To make your choice of paper shredder better, certain criteria should be carefully considered as they constitute real purchasing parameters.

Security levels and cuts

When you decide to buy a paper shredder, you should first check its security level, according to your own needs. Commercial references generally have 7 different levels on the international DIN standard confidentiality scale. The most basic corresponds to the DIN P-1 indication, while the most efficient corresponds to the DIN p-7 indication. These security levels correspond to the type and size of the cut.

  • Fiber cutting with a security level P-1 and P-2:

To destroy common papers, the fiber cut or straight cut is adequate. This type of paper shredder is capable of transforming your documents into small strips. If your documents are not ultra confidential, you can choose level P-1. For more or less sensitive documents such as financial papers or bank card receipts, it is better to opt for a P-2 level.

  • The cross cut with a security level P-3 and P-4:

The cross cut shredder models have a higher level of safety. They take care of turning your documents into confetti of varying sizes. The latter depends on the level of security chosen. The P-3 cup generates larger confetti than the P-4 cup. It is recommended that you choose this type of cut for the destruction of various strategic or personal documents such as passports, sales data, or even remuneration information.

  • The micro cut with a security level P-5, P-6, and P-7:

To ensure complete confidentiality regarding the destruction of your documents, you should choose a micro cut. The latter offers an optimal level of security by reducing your documents squarely into small pieces. This type of destroyer is therefore essential if you want to reduce your very confidential files or defense secrets to nothing to guarantee the security of their content.

Types of documents to be destroyed

The choice of your shredder also depends on the type of documents to be destroyed. There are models suitable for papers, paper clips and staples. You can also get a model dedicated to cards of all kinds (banking, vital, etc.), CDs or DVDs which may contain information that you want to keep confidential, and passports to prevent identity theft.

Frequency of use and volume of destruction

Before choosing your paper shredder, think about how often you use the machine. This is essential to ensure efficient destruction, but also to ensure the durability over time of your document shredder. Indeed, if you use your device frequently, you should orient your choice towards a robust reference with a large bin volume. The number of users matters too. If many of you use the same file shredder, adjust your purchase accordingly.

For 1 to 2 daily users, the choice of an individual model with a basket of less than 30 liters is recommended.

Between 5 to 10 users with an average volume of pages to destroy on a daily basis, it is better to choose an occasional collective shredder, with a bin volume of between 35 and 80 liters.

Between 5 to 10 users, but this time with a high volume of files to destroy on a daily basis, choose an intensive collective model equipped with a basket of more than 80 liters.

Passage capacity and destruction speed

To save time and facilitate your use of the paper shredder, consider choosing a model with a passage capacity, i.e. the number of sheets to be fed into the machine at one time, is 80g / m². Also check the input width of the paper shredder, that is, the size of the space dedicated to inserting sheets of paper.
Each paper shredder has a destruction speed. This varies from model to model, depending on the volume of paper inserted per pass and the weight of paper to be fed into the destruction entrance.

Sound level

Entry-level commercial shredder models make a lot of noise during the shredding process. Some references even exceed 70 decibels. If you rarely use your device, this detail concerning the sound level is not a priority choice criterion. However, in cases where the device is used frequently, especially if it is placed in a workplace, give preference to more modern models whose noise level is not high. Indeed, some more recent and high-end references emit little noise.

Automatic functions

It is also interesting to be able to benefit from additional functionalities on the paper shredder apart from its basic functions. The following automatic functions, for example, might be useful to you:

  • User protection:

This is an option that is used to stop the shredder automatically when a heat source approaches the device. Thanks to sensors, if a hand ever touches the paper shredder, the automatic stop function is triggered to protect you.

  • Automatic maintenance:

This feature saves you in terms of maintenance but also allows you to extend the life of the paper shredder as much as possible. It consists in lubricating the cutting cylinders of the shredder automatically.

  • Reverse:

Reverse is useful to facilitate the removal of documents to be destroyed in the event of a jam.

  • Automatic shutdown:

The machine will stop automatically when it detects an excessive amount of sheets of paper in the slot to prevent malfunctions.

  • Quick kill button:

This button is useful when you are in a hurry and want to speed up the speed at which the machine destroys documents.

  • Automatic start:

The automatic start is used to start the paper shredder automatically as soon as you insert a sheet of paper in the dedicated slot.

  • Automatic standby:

Automatic standby is useful for saving the device's energy expenditure, but also helps to protect the machine from possible malfunctions or the risk of overheating.

Consumables needed for the paper shredder

When using a paper shredder, you also need to think about purchasing the consumables necessary for its proper functioning. These vary depending on the models of shredders on the trade. Most often, these are plastic bags, cardboard, or lubricating oil.

Plastic bags and cartons

Plastic bags or cardboard boxes are useful for emptying destroyed documents after each use of the device. So your trash can be cleaned up quickly and you can use your device more cleanly.

Lubricating oil

To operate the machine properly and to prevent malfunctions, the paper shredder should be lubricated regularly. To do this, there is lubricating oil which is applied using a lubricating sheet to be inserted into the device after it has been coated with a few drops of the maintenance consumable. Lubricating the machine also keeps its blades in good condition. If your paper shredder is dedicated to heavy use, it often has an oil reserve and self-lubricating function.

How to properly use your document shredder?

In order to optimize your use of the new paper shredder, remember first of all to familiarize yourself with how to use it. Thus, you will benefit from all its advantages. To do this, you must read the user manual which contains details on the use of such a device, its maintenance, but also its precautions for use. Do not throw away the user guide as it may be of use to you throughout your use of the device.

Install the paper shredder

When installing your paper shredder, be careful. Make sure the drip tray is securely attached to the wastebasket. It is strictly forbidden to insert your fingers into the destruction slot. Then plug the power cable box into an electrical outlet and you're good to go.

Avoid false manipulations

It is easy to make false manipulations with a device such as the paper shredder, it is so delicate. To avoid this, do not use it for more than two minutes as it may overheat. Avoid the risk of injury or other accidents by unplugging the machine when not in use, before cleaning it, or before emptying the trash. Also, before you start shredding papers, remember to remove paper clips and staples to prevent the machine from failing. Finally, to eliminate the risk of falls, install your machine near a wall outlet so that the cable does not obstruct passageways.

Store your paper shredder out of the reach of children

As this type of device is not safe, it is strongly recommended that it be kept out of the reach of children when not in use. Place your paper shredder high up, out of their sight. And when in use and plugged in, be sure to watch your children carefully, keeping your eyes on the paper shredder.

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