How to choose the sliding gate motor?

It is not always easy to choose an engine for your sliding gate. Thanks to the various tips that follow, you will be able to get by like a master!

If you get more and more bored of having to open your sliding gate every time you come home, the solution that might give you relief is to have a Sliding Gate Motorization. With a simple remote control, you can now operate the opening and closing of your gate. You will quickly be spoiled for choice in terms of Sliding Gate Motorization in a specialized store. Depending on the needs, there is a variety of gate motor.

How then do you decide on one or the other?

Make the right choice

First of all, you must first know that there are two main varieties of sliding gates. It is therefore :

  • Self-supporting gate
  • From gate to rail

You must therefore know to which category the portal you have belongs. In general, all can undergo the Sliding Gate Motorization. But whatever the case, your choice should take into account the dimensions of your gate and its weight. It is based on these different characteristics that you can choose the gate motor the most suitable. Do not go crazy, because the manufacturers will provide you with all the information about automations relating to your sliding gate motorization.

Before you start, make sure you have a secondary entrance to your home. To install a garage door motor, we will always recommend that you call in the professionals. Indeed, the work of Sliding Gate Motorization require some expertise, and having them done by specialists can save you a lot of trouble. In addition, do not forget to cut the electric current if you plan to carry out the work of Sliding Gate Motorization yourself.

Apart from these aspects, the engine power is also a factor that should guide your choice.

What engine power?

What makes the strength of a motorized sliding gate is above all the power deployed by its motor. Thus, you will have the choice between two values ??for it, namely 24 or 230V motors. Each of these portal automation has its peculiarities. You can save more money by opting for a Faac motor of 24V, which emits very little heat despite the many stresses to which the gate may be subject. Some manufacturers even offer a backup battery, in case you choose this engine range for your Sliding Gate Motorization.

In addition, in the event of an interruption, your gate opening will be possible. It will be unnecessary to leave your vehicle parked outside, as you will be able to easily access your home. This type of motor is inexpensive, so you can stay within your budget if you have one established. On the other hand, the 230V motor is certainly more powerful, but emits just as much heat. Unless you have a residential or family home and therefore subject your portal to very little demand, this option of  Sliding Gate Motorization is not recommended.

So what wooden sliding gate will you choose now?

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