How to maintain your barbecue to avoid having to change it

barbecue maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are inseparable from successful barbecue cooking, regardless of the heating method and the arrangements of the equipment used. With some maintenance effort and fairly regular cleaning, your barbecue can easily stay in great shape. In fact, the maintenance of your barbecue can be done using simple everyday tools and the most common ranges of household products.

Interior cleaning of the barbecue

To get started, check out the flame tamers that directly cover the burners.Brush off the debris with a wire brush.Thoroughly remove traces of oil from the sieves after cleaning.When removing the tamers, check that the burners are not clogged.Scrub them with a dry wire brush, paying particular attention to the ignition area.This is the expulsion device for the gas.Infrared and rotisserie burners are more delicate and require careful cleaning, especially if they are ceramic models.Turn on the burners for 10 minutes to remove excess fat and food debris.When the burner is off, use tongs to remove any food debris.

Regularly brushing the cooking grates with a dry wire brush or wire mesh stone prevents the build-up of food and bacteria. Make sure the brush or stone is suitable for the grids. On a gas model, the burners must be turned off before cleaning. Once cleaned, spray the grates with cooking oil. For a Barbecue charcoal, cleaning should be done while the grill is still hot. Use a brush suitable for steam washing. The same effect can be achieved by sprinkling water on the brush. For a chrome wire or cast iron grill, rust formation can be prevented by applying a coat of vegetable oil. No coating is necessary for steel bars coated or melted into porcelain. (source: How to clean your stone barbecue?)

Restart and external maintenance

Before starting a gas grill, be sure to check the fuel line for cracks.Brush the connections with soapy water to check for air bubbles.If so, this means the connections are not tight or need to be replaced.After cleaning the tubes, check the propane levels on the tank gauge.Make sure the ignition system is free from sparks.A mixture of dish soap and water should be sufficient to clean the porcelain-coated steel lids.Use a microfiber cloth or paper towel for rinsing.For a stainless steel lid, use hot soapy water, stainless steel beans and a sponge.Rinse the surface with a clean cloth or rag.Use sandpaper or a scraper to remove corrosion on the paint.Wash the surface thoroughly with soap and water.

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