Installation of a gate: why call on a professional?

It is possible to install the portal yourself. On the other hand, a lack of control of the installation can have an impact on the durability of the gate. Since this is a sizeable investment, it makes more sense to hire a specialist craftsman who will set up the equipment properly. Find in this article the reasons why you should not tackle yourself alone when installing a gate.

Good reasons to hire a gate installer

What more can a professional bring to the work of installation of a gate in Calvados ? He has the experience and skills to perform the work in accordance with applicable standards. Also, a professional can:

Provide advice on the choice of portal

Possessing increased knowledge on the various properties of materials, a professional installer can offer you the type of gate that best matches the configuration of your outdoor space: PVC gate, aluminum gate, wooden gate, steel gate, wrought iron, openwork gate, etc. He can also advise you on the model to choose: sliding gate made to measure or swing gate with motorized or manual function. Finally, he will know how to choose the ideal location for your exterior gate so as to enhance it and facilitate access.

Take charge of the entire site

Whichever gate model you choose, the installation steps generally go through the making of the foundations, the installation of the pillar gate, the fixing of the hinges, the installation of the gate itself and the installation of the various accessories. . Lacking the necessary skills, a Sunday handyman will need help with masonry, electrical connections, etc., while a professional installer will be the only person on the job site.

Carry out the work according to the standards imposed in the sector

A professional will provide you with a CE certificate, the guarantee that the characteristics of the gate and the installation of the equipment comply with European standards. It is also able to comply with safety standards related to the installation of a motorized gate, including NF 25-362.

Tips for choosing the right gate installer

Have you decided to seek the help of a professional installer to install your gate?You are quite right.What you have to do now is find a professional you can trust.One of the best ways to find one is through word of mouth.Also, do not hesitate to ask your family, friends and colleagues if they know a qualified craftsman.Once you find one, make sure it can provide you with guarantees such as professional liability insurance, "occupancy of premises" liability insurance or the ten-year guarantee.You can also judge the quality of service of a craftsman if he is labeled:AB5 label, eco-craftsman label, etc.

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