How to properly organize a corporate mailroom

The mail room is a vital room for a business. It is in this room that all external communication passes. Good organization helps ensure that mail is processed quickly and efficiently. Delays or lengthy mail processing times can be extremely costly for the business. For a good organization of the treatment of your mail, here are three tips.

Be punctual in the distribution of mail

Unless you have employees dedicated to this task all day, mail delivery can easily fall as the last of your priorities. This working method is not only inefficient, but it can also pose problems of external and internal communication. For example, sample complaints or orders can be processed faster. Which will only increase the satisfaction of your customers and employees.

It is essential to set a strict deadline for the distribution and collection of internal mail. This way, your employees will always be assured that, if they haven't received mail on their desks at a certain time, it hasn't arrived.

Optimize the organization

A mailroom contains a lot of office equipment: envelopes, paper clips, pens, a cartridge for the PITNEY BOWES DM400c franking machine for example, etc…. So it is very easy for this place to get a bit chaotic. To avoid this, you need to configure dedicated workstations for each task in your mailroom. One for opening mail, one for enveloping, a paper shredder for all advertising and junk mail, etc. document shredder is a way for you to save space in terms of waste. A crumpled ad in your trash will take up much more space than that same ad balled up in the bottom of a trash can. This way, you only need to dedicate a fixed place for each piece of equipment or work tool.

Invest in the latest technology.

A mailroom is not necessarily the largest room in the business.There are many advanced technologies that can help you manage this confined space that is your your mail room.La Poste has developed hybrid mailings (your mail is sent from a computer), the inserter machines, barcode scanners and franking machines are perhaps the biggest time savers and silver!The advantage of this type of equipment, especially the postage meter, is the low cost compared to its high convenience. preferential rates from La Poste. This way you can be sure that mail franking is not going to slow you down.

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