How to Create Good Feng Shui in Your Living Room?

Feng Shui is a concept based on two Chinese words literally meaning ‘wind’ and 'water'. It is pseudoscientific geomancy that uses specific and detailed orientation and arrangement of physical bodies in order to influence the flow of energy force and harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. The teachings of Feng Shui are based on passages in the now lost Book of Burial from ancient China.

An important aspect of Feng Shui is that all basic principles of practicing it must reflect and honor nature and the earth. As such, practicing Feng Shui always involves using and introducing natural, earthy, and wholesome elements into the home and personal life. Even if you may not believe in the metaphysical effects of Feng Shui, its basis in respecting the earth and sustainability are ideals that are positive for anyone.

The Window Into Your Home and Life, the Living Room

One of the most crucial areas of the home for Feng Shui is the living room. It's the heart of the home, the entryway into one’s personal life, the prime relaxation space, and the place of social interaction where most visitors into the home will be in.

Feng Shui for the living room creates a harmonizing, wholesome, and pleasant atmosphere that will improve your own disposition as well as that of any guests that come into your home.

How Do You Do It?

Apply Feng Shui Principles

Feng Shui is based on respecting two main concepts; the Bagua or energy map of the nine areas of life, and then the five elements- wood, fire, metal, earth, and water.

The four cardinal points are also very integral to Feng Shui. The placement of furniture, art, ornaments, plants and even windows and doors are always done with reference to North, South, East, and West.
Consult the energy map to determine what aspects the living room falls under and use it to find out how best to use furniture types and arrangements connecting the living room to the nine areas to attract the most positive energy.

Add representations of the five elements to your living room by incorporating furniture, décor, and artwork that reflect the elements. Or add a Feng Shui Dragon statue for that calming effect. statue de dragon Feng Shui pour un effet apaisant.


Get rid of clutter and organize the living room. Neat floating shelves and storage that free up space and get rid of clutter are encouraged. Use furniture with rounded edges and corners because they make the living room feel comfortable and welcoming. Sharp edges are stark and disrupt the space and energy of the living room.

Light Up The Room

Light is integral to good Feng Shui and positive energy in general. Large windows that let in lots of light are important. If that is not possible, sconces and other layered lighting techniques in addition to overhead lighting are a good alternative. Mirrors are good reflectors of light if positioned properly. It is crucial that mirrors do not reflect clutter.

Make Sure The Way is Clear

The doorway into the living room must be unobstructed. Being unable to see the entry into the living room induces feelings of anxiety and disrupts the energy and harmony of the space. Let the living room door be visible from all angles and from every seat. The couch should not be backed against the door.

Details in the Little Things

The placement of the wall clock, television, fireplace, coffee table are details that are important to the flow of the energy in the living room.

A good rug softens the aura of the living room space, and a rug with good designs and patterns can also add to the harmony of the room.

Plant That Good Feng Shui

Potted plants bring an earthy and nature-positive vibe to the living room. A few well-placed vines, ferns, and small shrubs inject a touch of nature into the living room space.

The living room is a place for relaxation and entertainment. The goal of Feng Shui is to create an environment where individuals and the environment they inhabit are in harmony. Making the effort to introduce good Feng Shui makes the living room a tranquil and comfortable place to enjoy the company of friends and family.