How much does a speech therapist earn?


Are you interested in the remuneration of speech-language pathologists? Now is the time to find out more, if you want to make it your way.

The profession ofSpeech Therapist gives the possibility to work in different environments. So if you have chosen this path, you will be able to exercise it in the public function, the private sector or as a self-employed person. Depending on these parameters, the salary may therefore vary by place of work, but also by experience. There is a big difference, however, between remuneration in the public and private sectors. This is not very marked at the start of his career.

It is only as a self-employed person that compensation can really vary. But then, how much does a Speech Therapist (what is different from an audiologist)?

Salary in the public service

It is a function of several parameters, which allow a audiologist to see his salary increase according to his following seniority:

  • His rank: speech therapist or health executive
  • Its class: normal or higher
  • The ranks that can be climbed by a promotion, or in a given period

Depending on how he progresses in his career, this professional can see his average salary increase between 1400 and 3000 euros, as a health framework. Moreover, if he is employed, the income can be revalued by means of bonuses and other allowances. They are granted according to the number of children and the nature of the service. With great seniority, the professional may be granted 12 months in the restoration of his seniority. Also the speech therapist perceives in addition:

  • A monthly service premium of 7.5%
  • A supervision bonus
  • A New Index Bonus (NBI) of 13 increased points

Liberal and private sector

More than 80% specialists in speech therapist profession, choose to work as freelancers after their speech therapist training.In this case, the remuneration varies according to the place of practice, reputation and others.Thus a liberal specialist calculates the consultations of the patients, in fees.To do this, there is a rating grid, for each medical act in speech therapy, depending on the patient's disorder (stuttering, rehabilitation of oral language, voice, speech disability, neurological disorder, etc.).Each code corresponds to a precise price which can range from AMO 50 to AMO 30.Only the price is stable during the period of patient care.audiologist.

In the private sector, on the other hand, the specialist can work in several organizations. There his salary is calculated according to the point value and the salary scale (or index scale) specific to the collective agreement to which the activity is attached. It is :

  • "The national collective labor agreement for establishments and services intended for maladjusted and disabled persons of March 15, 1966."
  • "The national collective agreement for private establishments for hospitalization, care, treatment and non-profit custody of October 31, 1951"

In fact, it appears from experience that it is more interesting for a Speech Therapist to work in the provinces, for example at Lyon, than in Paris. Indeed, life is more expensive there, but the specialist also has a choice. He can for example work part-time as an employee in a hospital, or a specialized structure.

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