Fashion trend: tips for finding THE leather jacket

While winter is taking hold throughout France, as our daily lives are punctuated by government measures to stem the pandemic, nothing like find comfort by curling up in our clothes. Find inspiration in fashion magazines, browse the publications of influencers for a perfect look, at the forefront of the latest trends. And if you've ever fallen for a pretty cardigan, chunky sneakers, the denim jumpsuit, the branded hoodie, the sleeveless sweater, tights or even the scrunchie to style your hair in loose mode, don't forget to curl up in a leather jacket. The leather jacket comes out year after year for our greatest pleasure and weaves its way through styles to become an essential part of the wardrobe. 

Which leather jacket to choose? 

What material to adopt? 

How to maintain your favorite jacket? 

We tell you everything to adopt this it-piece that makes you eye on La Canadienne.

On top of the trend with the right leather jacket

Strong piece of the wardrobe, sometimes sexy, sometimes rock'n'roll, the range of leather jackets is wide enough to satisfy all your desires, all your tastes whatever your style. First of all, know that whatever leather jacket you choose, it will never go out of fashion and will accompany you without difficulty over the years and seasons. Here are the main leather jackets to adopt. 

The leather biker jacket is without a doubt THE leather item par excellence. Much more than a leather jacket, than a simple leather jacket, the perfecto is one of those iconic pieces like the Doc Martens, jeans, the little dress. Defying dress codes, he reinvents himself. You can opt for a classic model, shiny leather or not, trendy tones, an officer or wide collar, a belt at the waist, its shiny crossed zipper, tie the belt or not… it's up to you. With its fitted cut, its rock side, the perfecto will be your fashion ally.

The aviator jacket is also a leather jacket steeped in history. Influenced by aviator jackets, this jacket is synonymous with durability. With its moumoute collar, it will be the piece that will allow you to spend the coldest season of the year without a hitch. Above all, it will be THE piece that will allow you to perfect your boyfriend style. An ultra chic jacket that will add extra personality to your wardrobe.

Of course, you can also bet on the biker coat, the trench coat, the oversized coat or the leather parka to stay ahead of the cold. And if by any chance you want to adopt the total look, the leather pants are a great novelty to adopt. These are the most "wanted" pants in the feminine wardrobe alongside the pleated skirt (another essential must have).

On top of the trend with the right material

You are probably asking yourself the question of knowing why talking about material when the leather jacket is leather! Well, simply becausethere are different kinds of leather just as there are different shapes of tiles (from Prince of Wales to houndstooth through small checks for example). In short, you can opt for different leathers. 

Lamb and mutton leathers will give finesse and flexibility to your jacket. Cowhide leather although smoother than the previous ones, it is nonetheless thicker. Calfskin is the noble material par excellence. There is also the crust of leather, nubuck and suede. For the rendering and the degree of comfort you are looking for, one leather will be more suitable than another. And if by any chance you are sensitive to the animal cause, have switched to vegetal mode at meals, you can bet on jackets in vegetable leather. Yes it exists! You can be at the forefront of fashion by betting on a jacket in leatherette for example.   

Note that smooth leathers will be brighter and therefore more sensitive to scratches. Grained leather, has a more matte finish, will slip over time and be less prone to scratches. All these finishes are a matter of preference, it's up to you to decide which leather to favor. In any case, these parts are no less fragile. So for them to age easily, read on. 

On top of the trend with a beautiful leather jacket

With a printed dress, skinny jeans, a chunky sweater, pumps or combined with one of the bags of the moment, it doesn't matter as long as the jacket shines brightly. There is nothing like taking care of it on a daily basis so as not to make a fashion faux pas when treading the asphalt. Take care of your jacket easily by following the tips below..

The first instinct you must have is to put it away. Say goodbye to the habit of casually placing the leather jacket on the corner of the sofa when you get home, putting it on a chair at the office or even tucking it into a ball at the bottom of the bag when it's no longer needed! When you are no longer wearing your jacket, place it on a hanger before hanging it on a hook, a coat rack or a rod. Because leather is sensitive to rain, heat, sun, better make a place for it in the shade, in a dry place by keeping it away from heat and humidity. And of course, feed the leather, clean your leather jacket following the manufacturer's recommendations. You can also waterproof your leather jacket, again by following the manufacturer's advice step by step. And for good reason, for each material, model, the advice to follow to wash, clean, detach, waterproof, maintain this essential street piece. All you have to do is do the same with your strong decorative pieces in leather.

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