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Difficult to make a choice for your new Portable Printer? We wrote this Special Portable Printer buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we've done our best to help you choose the best Portable Printer!

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Portable printer buying guide

Portable printers, also known as mobile printers, are essential tools for being well-equipped on the go. They allow you to print photos, or print different kinds of documents, wherever you go. But choosing this type of device is tricky. It is necessary to know a minimum of its characteristics and to be able to make a comparison. Find out all there is to know about this type of printer, and use this buying guide to learn the key criteria on which to choose the best portable printer around.

Who are portable printers for?

Portable printers are ideal for people who travel frequently on business and who may need to print documents to make copies without having to photocopy them. Since many mobile printers are stand-alone or have an alternate power source, they are also well suited for anyone who works in the field and needs to print documents.

As for pocket printers designed to print photos, their size makes them essential accessories for professional photographers or others who work with images and need to distribute their work on demand.

What are the different technologies behind portable printers?

Today, taking a photo with your smartphone is a quick and convenient way to capture a particular moment. You are surely among the people who do it regularly in their daily life. However, sometimes it is more emotional and authentic to have photo paper where you are marked in black and white.

If your photos are stored in your phone's internal memory or on a memory card, they may be deleted by mistake or due to insufficient storage. The portable printer is one solution that overcomes this problem. Indeed, a portable printer is now a tool that many can afford. When it comes to printing photos quickly from a compatible device, it couldn't be faster. That being said, the print quality may vary from one portable photo printer to another. It all depends on the printing technology.

There are currently two types of mobile printers, namely inkjet printers and thermal dye sublimation printers.

A portable inkjet printer is one that exists in various models in the market. Like a desktop inkjet printer, it has ink cartridges and works on the same principle. Print resolution can reach 300 dpi, the same level as a laser or toner printer. The ink cartridge is large enough to cover any printing need anytime, anywhere. But, for photo printing, the quality is often lower than that of a thermal sublimation printer.

Sublimation printing is a technique that provides better print quality at high resolution. Indeed, with a portable printer equipped with this system, you can print photos of 9600 x 2400 dpi. The main advantage of this printing technology is that it does not smear or smudge the photo paper. Besides the fast printing speed, the drying time also takes only a few seconds.

The thermal sublimation process involves the superposition of three colors on the thermal paper during prints, resulting in unsurpassed print quality. However, to take advantage of it comes a high price tag due to the high cost of purchasing the mobile printer and thermal ribbons.

How to choose a portable printer?

There are many brands and models of mobile printers on the market (Canon Pixma, HP Officejet, Fujifilm Instax?). To find your way around, there are a few things you need to consider.

  • Performance
  • The speed and print quality of a portable printer can be impressive. Although many mobile printers print at around 5 pages per minute, some are much faster and offer good print quality. If you're on the move regularly and can't afford to wait for photos or documents to print, look for mobile printers that deliver print speeds of around 10 pages per minute or more.

    Likewise, opt for a model with a print resolution greater than 300 dpi, or even beyond 1200 dpi so that you can produce professional-looking documents fairly quickly.

  • Connectivity options
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies built into portable printers allow you to print from multiple devices (including wireless or Bluetooth-enabled cameras) so you don't have to worry about the hassle with cables. Many mobile printers also provide the ability to print directly from a memory card (e.g. SD card), a very handy feature to look for if you want to print photos on the go without having to connect or start up your laptop. Smartphone or tablet.

  • Power options
  • Mobile printer power options may include an AC adapter or USB port, an internal rechargeable battery (usually lithium ion), or a car adapter.

  • Congestion
  • One portable printer can take up more space than another. Some models are bulkier than others which are more like pocket printers. In general, for printing documents, an inkjet printer is recommended, while it is larger than a mini photo printer designed only for printing photos.

    How to use a portable printer?

    read the user manual

    Dès lors que vous avez fait votre choix d’imprimante portable, vous devez savoir l’utiliser correctement en vue d’optimiser cet achat. Certes, si vous avez prévu cette acquisition, c’est que vous devez avoir une idée de son usage. Toutefois, certains détails doivent être pris en compte pour éviter les fausses manipulations, mais aussi pour bénéficier de tous les atouts de l’appareil. Au déballage, pensez avant tout à lire la notice d’utilisation. Elle explique le mode d’emploi, l’entretien, ainsi que les précautions d’usage de l’imprimante portable. Il faut également savoir qu’une notice d’utilisation doit se conserver aussi longtemps que l’appareil vous sert encore. Elle vous sera d’une aide précieuse en cas de souci.

    Connect the portable printer

    In order to use your portable printer, you must first turn it on. Then connect the mobile printing device using the supplied USB cable. Turn on your smartphone or touchscreen tablet or laptop PC for the devices to be connected. A light on the device allows you to check whether it is connected correctly or not.

    You can also connect the accessory using a power supply. As with the first case, first power on your printer before connecting it using a supplied USB cable. Then turn on the device and plug it in using the plug of the AC adapter and one end of the wireless device. The other end can then be plugged into an electrical outlet. A status light always allows you to check whether the device is properly plugged in or not.

    Install and use the battery

    Une imprimante portable est évidemment alimentée par une batterie pour être autonome. Il faut noter que seule la batterie livrée avec l’appareil doit être installée dessus à l’achat. Si jamais la batterie présente des défaillances et ne vous sert plus, vous pouvez racheter une batterie de rechange auprès de votre revendeur ; le modèle doit être compatible. Pour installer une batterie correctement, placez-la à son emplacement dédié. En cas de rejet, il est important de contacter le fournisseur dans l’immédiat. Sachez que la batterie d’une imprimante portable est dépourvue de mercure. Elle peut être recyclée et ne doit en aucun cas être jetée n’importe comment. Il s’agit d’un dispositif qui peut présenter un danger d’explosion s’il n’est pas remplacé correctement.

    Charging the battery

    Avant d’utiliser votre imprimante portable pour la première fois, vous devez charger sa batterie pendant 4 heures d’affilée. Ensuite, à chaque fois qu’elle se décharge, le temps de recharge est d’à peu près 3 heures. Tout dépend du modèle d’imprimante portable que vous avez acheté. Un voyant est évidemment présent sur l’appareil pour constater le niveau de charge de votre batterie. Lorsque le voyant est de couleur rouge, cela signifie que votre appareil présente une batterie à plat. Une batterie défectueuse peut aussi engendrer un voyant rouge qui clignote ou non, selon la référence du produit. Lorsque la couleur est orangée, la batterie est encore en cours de charge. Une fois pleine, la lumière vire au vert.

    What are the most trusted brands of portable printer?

    Considering the buying criteria mentioned below will help you make the best choice of portable printer. In fact, you can then compare the references on the market and opt for the one that best suits your needs. But besides these technical specifications of the device, there is another reliable parameter to take into account in order to help you find the ideal portable printer. It’s about the brand.

    Indeed, some brands have long been established in the field of printing devices, whether nationally or globally. With so much fame and experience to their credit, they have to challenge themselves every time to keep up. Thus, these famous brands invest time, energy and money in the development of ever more efficient and reliable devices.

    Among these brands that should no longer be presented is HP. Since its establishment in 1939, the brand has continued to evolve and innovate its products. She works in the field of electronics and instrumentation. With recognized expertise in the field of computers, business services, peripherals, but also printers, HP is a reliable brand. It offers portable printers for all needs. Models that have a WiFi connection for increased connectivity are most successful. No need to bother with cables, all connections are done remotely.

    Canon is also a well-known and trusted brand. It is primarily known in the design and sale of cameras and camera equipment. However, the brand offers different kinds of interesting and quality products, namely varieties of portable printers. What appeals to consumers about this brand is its ability to combine performance and practicality in its products. Canon's portable printers are easy to transport while remaining functional. You will be able to get the paper version of your documents from anywhere by connecting to the network or on a smartphone.

    Polaroid est une marque connue mondialement dans le secteur de la photographie. Elle s’est surtout illustrée par ses appareils photographiques dont le développement des clichés est instantané. Fondée en 1937, Polaroid n’a jamais cessé d’apporter de l’innovation sur ses produits. Elle possède plusieurs références d’imprimantes portables dont les qualités sont sans égal. D’ailleurs, selon les avis et les statistiques, il s’avère que les appareils d’impression mobiles issus de cette marque figurent parmi les plus plébiscités du marché. Les imprimantes portables Polaroid sont compactes et à taille réduite pour un transport et un rangement facile. Elles sont équipées des dernières technologies pour un usage facile et des rendus de qualité.

    Kodak is also a reliable brand with a number of portable printer references to its credit. The brand is famous in the field of photography and is known for presenting only quality equipment. What characterizes this brand is also the variety of products it offers for the satisfaction of all types of consumers. You will find, for example, models of mobile printer for black and white photos whose design and ergonomics are neat.

    Epson est une marque japonaise qui s’est imposée depuis longtemps comme étant l’une des meilleures références dans la conception et la vente d’imprimantes portables. Elle se distingue par ses appareils qui allient la qualité et la praticité, le tout en étant bon marché. En plus, les consommateurs ont le privilège d’avoir l’embarras du choix. Les modèles d’imprimante portable signés Epson sont polyvalents pour permettre le tirage de différents formats de documents. Les appareils bénéficient d’une bonne connectivité, notamment grâce à la Wifi. Vous pourrez transporter votre appareil Epson partout grâce à la compacité dont bénéficie la majorité des imprimantes portables de la marque.

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