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Difficult to make a choice for your new Core drilling machine? We wrote this Core drilling machine buying guide to help you, with the TOP10 of the best sales of the moment, tests, opinions… As in all our buying guides, we have done our best to help you choose the best Core Drill Machine!

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Core Drill Buying Guide

A core drill is the best tool for drilling holes in all types of materials. There are several kinds depending on the needs and the work situation. More or less easy to use, they are intended for professionals and individuals. For rent or for sale, this article details what are the different models, how to choose the right one and at what price.

A core drill: What is it?

Core drills are usually made of extremely strong steel or metal. They allow you to easily drill holes in different types of materials and substrates such as reinforced concrete, cement, or stone. For the most resistant materials, the diamond core drilling technique is used to have perfect precision and higher performance. Core drilling is used in particular to make openings, to seal electrical boxes, to make pipe passages (pipeline, piping?) Or to take rock samples for geology studies.

What are the different types of core drilling machine?

To suit all situations and all budgets, there are 3 different models of core drilling machine.

the core drill on frame : It must imperatively be fixed on a solid surface. It allows you to pierce more solid materials such as concrete or cement.

the portable core drill : It moves easily and allows you to make small diameter holes. Just plug it into a nearby outlet and you can hold it in your hand to make your holes.

the trench core drill : It is the only one equipped with a heat engine. It is used outdoors for sanitation or transplanting work, for example.

Among these models, there are two different types of operation, dry and wet. The water system cools the action of the core drill and eliminates dust releases. The problem with this system is that it releases a lot of water. For interior work, dry coring machines do not discharge water. However, it must be connected to a vacuum cleaner to avoid too much dust in the room.

How to choose the right core drilling machine?

For intensive use, it is advisable to choose a core drilling machine on a column, or on a frame with a core diameter greater than 180 mm. For lighter use, you can opt for a more economical and affordable portable core drilling machine.

To use it indoors, it is better to choose a dry core drill so as not to dirty the whole part. You can also pair it with a vacuum cleaner to prevent the release of dust. For outdoor use or in more complicated situations, it is recommended to opt for a wet core drill to preserve and safeguard the machine.

For core drilling less than 500 mm, a 220v and 2000w core drill will do the trick. Deeper cores will require a 380v core drill with a minimum of 4000w.

What price for a core drill?

Regarding prices, prices are related to the system and performance of the core drill. The more complex and efficient the system, the higher its price will be. Diamond core drills are also more expensive. For single use, you can rent a core drill from a DIY store and on the internet like or For purchase, you can also order a core drill on the internet and in the vast majority of DIY stores.

1- Portable core drill

For a portable core drill, it takes on average between 60 and 120 euros. For more performance you can opt for a diamond core drill from 80 euros. It is possible to rent one from 40 euros on the internet.

2- The core drilling machine on the frame

Core drills on frame are both more efficient but also much more expensive. They are generally intended for the professional construction industry. For a core drill on a frame, the prices vary between 1200 and over 3000 euros. It is possible to rent them from 120 euros per day.

3- The trench core drill

the trench core drill is the most efficient. It is possible to find them on the market from 3000 euros. You can rent them for 500 euros per day. They are generally intended for public water and pipe maintenance services in towns.

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